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  1. Coney67


    LOL - After seeing this thread, I had pizza yesterday and getting it again today. I agree with MWT though, I love the thin cheese pizza. Still never had a Chicago Style Deep Dish. Any of you guys make your own at home? I have had mixed success and tried everything from a pizza stone to a thin metal pan (looks like a grater).
  2. I think Spridget (Luke) actually stripped the clear coat on his rims (the ones we are discussing). If you see these rims in person, the have a machined finish. Interestingly enough, these rims never came 'chromed' from the factory, but the place I purchased these rims from, does chrome them. I am considering that maybe next year. I want to see how they hold up first.
  3. Nice car! Glad to see Ford bring it back. I'd love to drive manual again. Bet the fuel economy is awesome in that too!
  4. I really like those rims on your and Bull Geek's Gen IV. I know these specific rims seem to be affected more than other factory alloys I have had on Taurus, so I am debating on chanign them out in the winter months.
  5. There are actually (3) pieces that make=up the facade (The upper bumper, the lower valance and a pseudo chin spoiler as I call it). I think you will want the lower valance installed. When I get home, I'll check and if see if I have the photos I took in stages. Especially, the one where it is installed minus the lower valence. PS. Yes it is a direct swap. **Special Note - I would suggest you have 2 people help you remove and install the new bumper, not because it is heavy, but beacuse on each side the the bumper near the side markers, there is a bolt that sticks out. You can easily scrat
  6. Thanks, I have been debating on a V8 swap. I purposely debadged the "SHO" off the rear bumper, plus I do not have the "V8" badges or the SHO Spoiler. Put the SHO interior / gauge cluster in - minus the SHO Tach (it reads high w/ the Vulcan), oplus it is a column shift. It is a fun car though. I am down in SSC (Southern chester County). I'll bet that Supercharged Gen II SHO is a fun car to drive.....
  7. Thanks - I am hoping they stay good looking for awhile. I bought them from wheelsandcaps.com. They either make replicas or refinish the factory wheels. I bought a refinished set from them. We unfortunately live in the NE where the winters seem to expidite the deterioration of our rims. Supposedly though, these ar the lightest factory alloy rims made for the taurus.
  8. Coney67


    Unreal! That is huge! LOL - There is a burger place in PA that has some giant food too...... "Denny's Beer Barrel Pub"
  9. Def go fo it David! I have the rear SHO bumper on for almost 2 yrs before I came across a nice SHO front bumper. There has been identications though both ways about the need for the Foam bumper support behind the bumper. When I added the SHO front bumper, I also had the accompanying foam support stamped "SHO", but I found out I did not need it and just left me original GL foam support on.
  10. Actually, the road sits down a little - you can't see it from the angle I took the photo, but it's there
  11. Well I finally got around to getting a set of the 99 SE Sport Rims and Center Caps along w/ some Continental Extreme Contact DWS tires. Had the weights installed on the inside of the rim this time Enjoy. Now to list my previous Gen IV rims / tires in the classifieds.
  12. Here is another place that has them for : $118 / rim new http://www.wheelsandcaps.com/w_selection.asp?syn=&_SUPPLIERSKU=ALY03565U&WandCRETURN=&_YEAR=&_MAKE=FORD&_MODEL=WINDSTAR
  13. More than likely, the car was totalled by the insurance company at which time they took the title. The car probably then was sent to one of many Salvage / auction yards. It is possible that the car did not have collision damage but was a 'flood' claim. I have seen it many times. Most insurance companies will 'Total' the car if the water goes higher than the rocker panel anymore. While CarFax is a good choice to check for Document Changes, it is not always guaranteed to show results for repairs or collision damage, because it is only as good as the shop/repair facility entering the info int
  14. Nice. Go for another 100k! I just hit 90k last Friday
  15. Good Choice. I also have the VW Tiguan SEL 4Motion and that scored the highest roof strength rating.
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