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  1. Leftover from our 2001 SE. Includes owner's manual, warranty book, and various other publications. All nice condition in original black zipper pouch. $15.00 postpaid in lower 48 states. Photo on request. Located in Freehold, NJ. Thanks for looking! Harold
  2. As others have mentioned, totalled cars are kept out of the public's hands by insurance companies and regulations. Maybe you should talk to a salvage yard in your area and they can alert you when a car you're interested-in arrives. They'd be in a positin to sell parts to you, but likely not at bargain-basement prices. I wonder how many totalled flood cars will be loaded onto ships and find continued life (and clean paperwork) on another continent.
  3. This is a pair of '96-7 sedan taillights including the wiring harness pigtails and sockets. Good used conditon. $10 + shipping for the pair. PayPal or USPS money order are okay. Write with any questions. Harold
  4. I've got a pair of used '96-7 sedan taillights that would look a whole lot better on your car than on my shelf. They include the socket harnesses and bulbs. I'd call them average wear with some light scratches but nothing major. $10.00 for the pair + shipping (figured at 4 pounds) from Marlboro, NJ 07746 with PayPal or USPS Money Order. You can pick them up locally if you live near here. Harold
  5. We're getting close to blast-off and most of what I wanted to do is completed. I had the two rear tires replaced yesterday and kept the old ones because they still have usable tread. When I got home, I was surprised to see that the rubber was age-cracked between the treads. I bought these tires in 2007 and wasn't happy to see the cracking. I've got 40+ year-old tires on my old Plymouth and they're not bad at all. The tire companies must be going cheap on the materials they use. I also used the Rain-X headlight kit and was impressed with the way they cleaned-up.
  6. FWIW, I once 'fixed' stripped spark plug threads in a Cavlier by wrapping the plug with aluminum foil. Was going strong for over a year and then we sold the car.
  7. I replaced the cabin air filter Sunday with a Purolator that I got at Pep Boys. The one I took out has got to be the dirtiest filter I ever changed on any vehicle. Just another tribute to good maintenance.....
  8. Rusty, I'm looking for the passenger's front door. Jasper Green was available from late 1997 to 2000. The tough part is finding a manual window door. Most of them had power windows.
  9. My son and I stopped at Harry's Pick-n-Pull in Allentown, PA today and continued our search for a door for our Jasper Green Lumina with manual windows. Lots of Luminas in every color of the rainbow, but none for us. Plenty of Tauruses and Sables, as usual. They had a little Jeep station wagon that came in yesterday from a dealer auction, completely cleaned and detailed, already in the yard being picked over. What a shame that it's at the end of its road.
  10. In my experience, factory service manuals are much better than any aftermarket books. The aftermarket manual might be a good thing to keep in your trunk for simple roadside emergencies and specifications.
  11. I have pair of used '96-7 Taurus taillights that I got with a bunch of other stuff. Includes wiring pigtails and sockets. No cracks but some surface scratches and tape residue. $15.00 plus postage for the pair (I'll figure it at 5 pounds from 07746) PayPal or USPS money order are fine. Write with any questions. Harold
  12. Good question. It isn't more than a couple of years old, IIRC. I'll put it on the list for my friend to change.
  13. It's funny you mention having her know where she is. Until a few years ago, if you turned her around twice she was lost. Since getting her license, her sense of direction has increased considerably. One good thing is that we've gone from our area to the Western New York region many times so she pretty much knows the route and landmarks.
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