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  1. I have factory NAV in the Taurus but I purchased a portable Garmin for rental cars. They come in real handy then and also saves the $10.00 a day or whatever it is..
  2. Garmin nuvi 2595 LMT good item and reasonably priced $130 at Costco. I know you said you were looking for a 4.3 inch screen, but I think once you get used to a 5 inch screen it will grow on you. The 5 inch screen is functional but obtrusive. This model has Bluetooth, Lifetime Maps/Traffic. Whatever model you go with look for the LMT designation. Lifetime map upgrades and traffic.
  3. I live in MD but work in Pittsburgh, depending on the schedule we could to both. lets get a poll. Pittsburgh..... Maryland NOVA 2011SEL Three50one SAVO...where is your main office of your company where is it closest to? ANGROD Redtruck Daily Driver
  4. Granted my trip was only 75 miles not 675 but if we get enough participation you will get to know people.
  5. Back to thread......Thanks might this be the same decal maker for the TSOC decals?
  6. Thanks, sorry to cut this post short.....got to get to CNN......Tony Soprano DEAD!!!!!
  7. Gauging interest in a mini meet for Pittsburgh, PA or Frederick, MD/Northern, VA (Sterling, Leesburg, Herndon, Dulles Airport area)
  8. Make that $72....I dropped my $20 today....where's my decal selection link.?
  9. blackout...you want car shows......2014 Ford Nationals Carlisle, PA about 675 miles.
  10. With a heavy heart I am leaving the TSOC....I haven't had the Taurus for several Months now and am moving on to other forums.
  11. Failry new to the Taureus Forum and with a 2011 it better be quite a while before I get a M.I.L. but that P0455 must be a fairly universal code. I got that code a few times on my 03 Dodge Durango. Let me give you a few starting points to try. First of all Fuel CAP Although a loose fuel cap should only give you a P044 something.....SMALL LEAK After that, check vauum lines, lines from charcoal canister if you have a 97 probably pretty good odds that a line either broke, cracked or dry rotted. Don't stop there, check all the vacuum lines, replace as necessary. Dont worry about factory hoses, a good high quality fuel line hose should work.
  12. Gentz...Your right, Although I feel bad for the familys loss the truth is at that speed she could have easily hit other vehicles and killed other people....of course we are glad she didnt. Fact is speed kills....not wearing seatbelts kills even quicker. Again sorry for the familys loss but one less bad driver on the road. As for Tauruskev you are right it is not a joke. It is terribly tragic that people take chances like that with powered machinery, they have to realize that the roads are not theirs alone, and they obviusly dont think about that. Yes it is tragic that a motorist died, but their apparent driving behavior would have killed her or someone else sooner or later..Fortunately their was not a innocent family of five in a minivan that she ran into. She got her two minutes or newspaper fame.
  13. Darwin Award X2.......family will probably try and sue the state saying that the road wasnt designed to absorb the high speed impact with fixed object.
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