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  1. might do the junkyard meet up. just have to check funds... shipping would be a killer deff. i cant make it to carlisle this year. il be in maryland that weekend doing family stuff.
  2. unfortunatley there are no pick and pull yards in NJ. and most yards have the wheels off cars and nowhere to be found. so im kinda SOL. unless someone spots a set in a yard and grabs em for me.
  3. lookin for a set of wheels. sumthin to spruce up the ride. steelies are boring... im in NNJ area and am willing to pick up in nj/ny/pa area. heres the 2 styles i like the most. but cant be picky... pic 2 is the silver/chrome ones off 98+cars. not the grey ones that came on alot of models.
  4. if possible that be great. id throw a lil extra for ur time too. there are no pick and pull yards around my area. only harrys u pull it in PA. but thats a 2-3 hour ride for me.
  5. yeah i got a wagon with floor shift. my door is broken and want to replace it with a "new" one that has a working door.
  6. if thats the tech term for it. its the cubby under the radio. mine is busted
  7. lookin for a cubby, with a door. anybody got one?
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