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  1. Forgot to add... Congratulation on the move! Although not close by.... a great area and little town to go to is Flagstaff. If you do go up, you have to go to Sedona, then take Route 89A up to Flagstaff. The road is fun, beautiful and awesome!
  2. While it's been a while that I've been on here....I do know of a guy who lives in Montezuma, Arizona (kinda close) who is on TCCA (I think)...I don't know if he still has his Taurus, but he has a 1st gen. I live in Riverside, California (a little far away, LOL), I have a 4th gen SEL 24V. Not much goes on in the Southwest area. In SoCal, you are kinda lucky to see a well taken care of Taurus, or even an American car...most cars here are foreign. Don't know if its the same in Arizona though...
  3. 'I'm soo sorry Sandy!! I've been super busy the last couple of months. Haven't had time to be on the site nor reply to messages...
  4. Yeah I had seen that too on the Chinese Ford website. Hopefully things don't change too much for us here. And thanks for the picture! Here's a couple more that were on Instagram...
  5. Little late on the conversation, but WOW!! Damn dude, nice car!!
  6. Just carved this a couple of days ago of my Gen4 Taurus. Not exactly my car, but nonetheless doesn't look too bad. Hope you all have a happy and safe Halloween!
  7. Thanks Spridget!!
  8. I'm embarrassed to say this, but it won't upload...it's a Youtube video. How do you upload the video?? I've tried using the CTRL+C and CTRL+V and it still won't work.
  9. Wow!!! Nice car dude, welcome to TSOC!
  10. I had to replace the thermostat housing cause their was a leak....$280 later, it's fixed and doesn't leak coolant anymore.
  11. OMG, I love this shot!! There is also a video on Youtube that this person posted... I really hope they do bring this here. I love Fords and full-size sedans... I don't really want to change to a different manufacture. If they do cancel this, I'm going to have to switch to Chevrolet for their Impala. But for now, I'm still not losing hope!!
  12. Haha, very nice Minnesota and it'sthatcar!! And seriously California...a Kia Soul EV?? I'm surprised it wasn't the Honda Civic or Accord (these things are everywhere!!)
  13. Oh ok, sweet! Thanks! I'll post once I have them (all) put in.
  14. Sorry Sandy! Hope things are better with the new keyfob? I washed, clay barred, waxed, cleaned up the inside, polished (non-painted stuff) and armor-alled the tires yesterday. Took a total of 6 hours, but worth it! She finally got some much needed attention after taking good care of me all throughout school! Here are some quick pics...
  15. Sorry I guess I named them wrong...I meant the dome light (reading lights)...