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  1. been pretty busy with school but it recently got a jet perofrmance chip. Seems to help it get out of the way quicker.
  2. they are sooo close 34r = 10 1/4 x 6 13/16 x 7 7/8 new battery = 10"x6.5"x8.2"
  3. building a fairly large audio system into the car and going with a kenitik battery. From views of the batteries they do not have the little "lip" our battery tray uses to clamp down and hold batteries in, so what are some suggestions for a making a new tie down? i believe this will fit but it wont work with our battery trays tie down method... http://www.kinetikpo...p?C=1&P=KHC1800
  4. I was looking at one in a JY though and all the speakers were also JBL for the mach system. So idk i guess i need to look into it more. I have the duratec TB, just to lazy to get an extra manifold to grind out. Since i personally see no benefit of installing the tb if the manifold only has a ~54mm inlet. as for suspension. Im trying to do the small cheap things first. before i drop 1k in suspension. IE i dont have the money for that yet. I guess i should have specified, next mod for under 200bucks.
  5. i installed the biggest trans cooler B&M makes as well as a temp gauge. As for mach audio im up in the air about it. If i did it. Id want all the JBL speakers, tweeters and sub to go with it. which i dont have the wiring for the sub. If i dont, then ill be doing a competition level sound quality system, start next year.
  6. i need more money to work on my car with... thought of the day
  7. So my low mileage 98 SE vulcan is coming along nicely id say. Just got all possible maintenance done and some mods. http://s94.photobucket.com/albums/l89/devanmc436/car/ Ive removed the rear muffler and put in a straight pipe and installed a custom CAI so what do i do next? so many options...
  8. still deciding what to do about the plate contacting the manifold. going to smooth out the transition or do something with a plastic manifold.
  9. mach - it is on mine. i used a caliper to measure it
  10. ugh i guess it wouldnt be to hard but im still gunna say it would be a huge PITA to make your own headers. Atleast while being of a decent to good quality.
  11. is that for headers or just flanges?
  12. ease of use basically for why to use the iron flanges
  13. thats what i was implying. you would use the plate that bolts to the head and cut away everything else. then weld up your own primaries and collector. then make a custom(equal length prefered) y-pipe. it would be alot of work but if you can weld and know how to work some metal it shouldn't be that hard. sure you might not know the "perfect" length for the primaries but pretty much anything will be better then the manifold. As tube header is concerned.
  14. you could start with a set of extra stockers and start making your own out of that?
  15. if its the duratec maybe try the ones for the contour?
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