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  1. Painted the K10 blue, also put different rear springs in it so she rides a bit taller now This was after I sold it the 2nd time, April 1st 2012. Got it back, and painted it blue. Rear end was still saggy. Since then my friends and I fixed that, but the front leaves will get some attention soon. Old pack, already re-put back together after snapping 3... Had to reuse that main leaf because the bolts are all seized up on the JY pack I got, and on the shackles on the frame Needed some liquid courage.. lol All done, running 5 leaves plus the overload Finally sits better, rides a
  2. ABS Sucks plain and simple. My past 3 vehicles did not have ABS and it's just fine. (I'd rather not have it in the snow or anything like that...) I also hate assists such as traction control and stability management or whatever you call it. Eh, being in total control is what I like.. Not having a computer "help" me, but actually making it worse..
  3. Bump, still for sale! Make your Gen2 come to life!!! lol.
  4. I put another 350 in it and put an Edelbrock carb and an aluminum intake on it, ran it for a little bit and then I sold it so I could make a payment on the Ford, but I'm going to sell the Ford and buy the Chevy back lol. Haven't updated my sig yet, but as of right now it's about 70 miles away from me.
  5. I love these Chevy's. They give ya all sorts of dumb problems but they seem to last and hold up to abuse of an 18 year old driver...lol. Here's a few pics of my pile of junk lol And here's what happens when you run this particular truck at 3500rpm when you're 2 quarts low on oil for an extended period of time (Bombin down trails in 3rd gear..)
  6. Seems like a nice rig you have there Since I know of at least one other computer guy here, I'll post the specs on my PC - ASUS M4N82 Deluxe motherboard - AMD 7750 2.7GHz CPU Overclocked to 3.04GHz - 4GB DDR2 RAM - EVGA nVIDIA GTX260 896MB (I think) Another thing.. I'm very picky about my vehicles. If a dashboard or instrument cluster looks dumb to me, I wont even want to own that vehicle.. I'm really kicking myself in the ass for getting this '84 F250. Such a s**tty instrument layout. My '78 Chevy K10 has the best layout I've ever seen.The ford one is so bland and just sucks in my book
  7. Makes me wish I would of looked for a SHO instead of a Chevy truck! I like the track car man!
  8. Bump, $35 + shipping. Merry Christmas, too
  9. Hopefully the crankshaft is in good shape! If the rods were knocking due to bad bearings, the crank might need checked out, or maybe polished up.
  10. Put gas in my '84 F-250 and started to load up extra scrap I have laying around. Then it got dark so here I am now Going to pull the motor outta the chevy here in a few weeks and rebuild it or put a different one in.
  11. I wanna deliver pizza, but with the 15mpg I get in the Chevy, I'd be losing money (depending on how good the tips are.. if people see I have an old beat up truck they might feel sorry and tip extra, I dunno)
  12. Oh yeah! forgot about keys, lol. I have a set of keys for every car I owned
  13. Just wondering what y'all took from your cars before you sold/junked them? Some things I kept are: - instrument cluster from the '94 - Police grille from said '94 - Ford and Taurus emblems from the '94 - hood ornament from my '77 Lincoln Mark V - Dash bezel from my '78 Chevy K10 that I sold but am buying back Post your stuff you keep
  14. My '94 Taurus had 128k miles on it when it blew up :/ My truck's in at like 304k miles and I only had to replace an engine and clutch so far!
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