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  1. Just wondering if you guys might know why my outside door handles stick. When I lift up on them to open the door, the handle stays in the 'up' position, and I have to manually push it back down to shut the door. I took off one of the door panels and tried lubing all the moving parts I could with PB Blaster, but it didn't help. Any ideas welcome, thanks everyone!!
  2. The trans in my '98 is having problems. I'll describe the symptoms in detail the best that I can: -Engages in D or R with no clunking or hesitation -1-2 shift is on time and smooth -2-3 shift is delayed, shifts smoothly when it finally decides to -3-4 shift is either delayed or on time depending on throttle position, seems to shift better when near WOT, smooth as well. -Sometimes SEVERELY harsh shifts, but I think that's due to low fluid level because of a pan leak I haven't repaired yet The shifts mentioned above are delayed, and it often surges and lunges the car forward. I understand the reality that the trans has 196k miles on it and that it's time in service may be up soon, just wanted some opinions from you guys. There also seems to be a major leak coming from the pan. I checked the trans cooling lines at the radiator and back to the trans and all seems well there. I plan to drop the pan soon and figure out for sure if that's the issue. During the re-assembly, what would you guys recommend to help prevent future leaks? I was going to make sure the gasket is good, use blue threadlocker on all the bolts, and tighten the bolts to spec. I'm new to Fords and also have some questions about how shifting is managed. Is a MAP sensor used? I had a bad MAP sensor in my Pontiac and I know that caused shifting problems. Is my trans fully electronically controlled, and/or does it use a vacuum modulator? Thanks in advance for any help offered. I've stopped driving the car for now because the trans fluid level is too low to drive it, and my trans fluid $$$$ is leaking into puddles on my driveway
  3. Has the LIM Gasket been replaced with the revised design? A leaking LIM Gasket is a common problem with the GM 3100/3400 and may affect bargaining. Your price seems reasonable enough, also don't forget that people are cheap and will constantly seek out the very best possible deal, just human nature. Ebay link ^There's a listing on ebay with a starting bid of $300 for a '95 3100 w/ 72k miles AND transmission. Maybe consider lowering your price to 250-300, or even less, if you're looking for a quicker sale.
  4. Fram FTW!!!!! JK. I use napa gold, wix, or k&n. My bull still has a fram on it from the previous owner that needs to go ASAP!
  5. Hell yeah. Components and tweets in the sail panels FTW. My 3rd gen has tweets in the sail panels, kind of odd that 4th gens don't have them. I haven't seen any 4th gens that have them. =/
  6. Just wondering if anyone knows how difficult it is to access the instrument panel on a 3rd gen. I know that at least my 'cruise' and 'brake' lights are burnt out and don't function anymore. Also, some other questions, if I may: -I see a 'low washer fluid' icon on the panel. Does this function? I read somewhere that it was deleted for 3rd gens onward. -Is 'Low Coolant' supposed to come on for a bulb check at key-on or no? Thanks in advance!
  7. <br /><br /><br />The pan was just dropped and the filter changed before I got it. But today I found a small puddle of red fluid in my driveway, so I have a leak to chase. Looks Like he sealed the whole outside of the trans pan with red rtv or something. I don't really feel comfortable with disconnecting trans lines for the home flush, would rather keep dropping the pan to get more new fluid in the system. Though I may have to if that's where the leak is coming from, have not seriously looked it over yet. I'm still looking around, but I have yet to find a u-pull yard in my area. Not opposed to a SHO bumper if I could get my hands on one! Also looking for a CD changer, my radio has a CD and disc 1-6 buttons on it, so hoping I can add that to it. I would rather keep the stock head unit, the aftermarket radio dash kits look terrible IMO.
  8. Thanks for all the tips everyone! Front and rear suspension was replaced before I got the car, because the rear was sagging really low. Brakes are new, too. The sound I hear seems to be coming from the accessory / belt area. Hard to pinpoint because the power steering pump is quite noisy and somewhat drowns out the noise. The idle speed fluctuates and the sound comes on most when the idle speed is at its lowest (around 700rpm or so), as the idle speed bounces from 700-1100rpm. Listened on the drivers side thinking that it might have been the Cam Synchro, but the drivers side of the bay is quiet. Guess I will have to get a stethoscope and check it out in more detail.
  9. Hello, Thought I'd finally share some pics of my car. It's a '98 SE with the Vulcan, 196k miles on original engine and trans. It belonged to my parents, who didn't need it anymore, as they bought a Gen4, so they let me have it for free, so it was a deal I certainly couldn't refuse. Engine runs great, but the trans is showing its age, as it has some minor slipping and it hesitates to shift up sometimes. It has spent most of its life as a postal delivery vehicle. I believe it was originally part of a rental fleet because the factory keyless option was deleted for this car, I thought I read somewhere that it was standard on all other '98 models. It needs some body work, it was hit on the drivers side rear bumper as shown in the pics, and there's rust throughout. Engine also needs some routine maintenance done, the spark plug wires are factory original (eek!). Working on things as time and money allows, but I worry it may all be in vain if the trans gives up the ghost on me later on. I've always been a die-hard GM fan, but this car changes my perspectives about Fords. I really enjoy the roominess and the general 'feel' of the car. The Vulcan, while it's certainly no GM 3400 V6, is quite enjoyable for me, and I definitely appreciate how much more of a gas-sipper it is compared to that engine. I look forward to tinkering with it, as everything under the hood looks well laid out and easy to access for the most part. Anyway, please let me know what you think, good or bad, and if anyone has any economical ideas for fixing that rear bumper, let me know On to the pics:
  10. Haha, that's interesting. My '06 Uplander doesn't have OnStar. I'm going to have to go hunting for that black box now.
  11. Hello, The '98 Bull SE that I just picked up recently has almost 200k miles on the clock, and I was interesting in getting some advice from fellow Taurii owners =) This is what I know from the previous owner: -Spark plug wires are factory stock, plugs unknown age / condition -Camshaft Synchro: unknown -Recent oil change, coolant service, and coolant reservoir replacement -Recent transmission fluid / filter service -Fuel filter / PCV unknown age / condition So from what I can gather, I'm looking at doing spark plugs / wires, PCV and fuel filter service in the short term. Is there anything I may be missing? The car actually runs quite well, there's no SES light on, and besides from a sort of metallic clanking that I hear at startup (and goes away when engine warms a bit), there's not much noise going on under the hood. What spark plugs / wires work best with the 3.0 Vulcan? I'd rather get a plug that wouldn't really need to be gapped if at all possible. Thanks in advance for any help given!
  12. Hmm, for some reason I couldn't get the FL-1A to fit properly. I actually ended up putting a good dent on the side of the filter trying to force it on. Looks like the starter (I think?) sits right below in that area and the filter keeps getting caught on it. Ended up using the stock size. No biggie, I suppose
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