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  1. oh. unfortunately that is not the same. shame really.
  2. Unfortunately, I have again problems upload pictures here. Even with the correct size as it gets. What am I doing wrong? Or I should not?
  3. hello people. I have free time to test the intake pipe of the box (silencer?). And I noticed that he now readily permeates out from below. And the intake noise when start driving more is heard
  4. Yes it is a 2008. In my ford dealer I do not need to ask. Since I get a shoulder shrug.
  5. I had just time to look for the code. I have no idea if he is there. I need help .Unfortunately this is a problem with the pictures here
  6. such a manure. then I do not go on like I can show you the pictures. I can not insert a picture with a link. http://www.taurusclub.com/forum/119-5th-6th-gen-aesthetics-interior-wheels-tires/175167-new-summer-tire-2008-taurus.html So now I have another link. hope of going and you're not angry.
  7. http://www.taurus-cl...6991975deb87d12 http://www.taurus-club.de/index.php?page=Attachment&attachmentID=375&h=a8f71c9c67a1ab44863b733d81d1aa1fc524129c now I've tried it a different way.
  8. I wanted the pictures of the mounted wheels show, but unfortunately do not slide off. Though the size is right. Hmm ... too bad
  9. The wheels have not been mounted. She have to see how it looks ajar. And yes, the stripe is a SHO.
  10. thank you that helps me. Unfortunately it is very cold. 14F When something without fun. I'll tell you if it works
  11. Thank you. Unfortunately, I do not know what GEM or SJB is an abbreviation for. I'll have a look under the dash on. Maybe I'll find something
  12. Hi. How do I obtain the code, or is the turn somewhere. Or you can delete the un-enter. Unfortunately, this information is missing.
  13. Hello people. I once painted my rims around. Unfortunately, the winter has still picked up in Germany in. So I can show you it only to this art
  14. yes .. unfortunately this is a contruktionsfehler of Ford had with the Mercedes E-class and C-class in the 90's had the same problems. Had learned. Between sheet metal and chrome strip is zuverhindern scrub too little air to the. For the chrome trim I stuck with double-sided tape. Consequently much can not clean dirt. And it vibrates nothing
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