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  1. Took a picture of it...or something. Photo taken near Deals Gap, TN.
  2. Well, it came apart easy enough. Becky and I had the front end off in 1.5 hours, pulled as much as was needed to see the damage. This is the worst of it. The frame isn't bent, but the core support, radiator & supports, and pretty much entire a/c system are trashed. I guess its a good thing it has a giant hole in the roof for warm days.
  3. Welp, its that time again everyone. This one was parked when someone decided to park their lifted truck on the hood. Needs core support, impact material, fenders, hood, and radiator mounts. Runs like a DREAM and its a low mileage (64k) example. Interior is 7/10, so I'll probably replace the interior with tan at the wife's request (this is gonna be HER car). At first I was thinking parts car, but with a clean title, airbags didn't go off, and little real damage I think its a keeper. Towed back from Toccoa, GA where it was a one owner little old lady car, so I'm totally expecting the worst.
  4. At one point in time, I found it impossible to even get pulled over in Knoxville, TN. I'd be driving along like a maniac, the car would pull behind me, run my plates, and inevitably turn off somewhere. I'm not sure if it was my uncle and cousin (City of Knoxville police) or another cousin (Knox Co police), or perhaps that the mayor and I shared a last name...but somehow it just happens that way.
  5. Found a puddle in the driveway under the beetle...replaced all the plastic coolant manifolds, hoses, etc... Not a hard job, but a lot of busted knuckles.
  6. I broke my lug wrench trying to get the right front tire off. It seems someone was way too happy with the airgun last time.
  7. You've gotten your money's worth on them, I'll say that for sure.
  8. How many miles did you get out of those Brian? I could never seem to get more than 35k miles out of any Michelin tires I've had on any of my cars. I just ordered 205/55R-16 Sumitomo HTR A/S P02 (W-Speed Rated) for the Beetle, which are supposed to be installed tomorrow (Tire Rack FTW).
  9. This video is great...but why did he want 4 cup holders up front? That I don't get.
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