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  1. Hallo, i have a problem. No dealer want to send me Eibach sprigs to germany. I am looking for a set for my gen4 wagon and for my gen3 sedan. If you have an other idea to get them a little bit deeper, let me know. I drive the Gen4 with 7.5 x 17 wells with 235 50 17 tires at it. If you know a dealer, pleas let me know. I pay by paypal.
  2. Hi folks, in April we start the season with our traditional transmission oil change meeting. Wy that name? Ask your lady!! "What the hell you want at a car meeting, just clean the garage, cut the grass, paint the windows " ore what ever. That you can hear from her. With the notice that you do this for the car its easier to come away and so we can have a good time. If somebody from germany read this, or a fiend of this club from outside want to come, feel free and come. The date is the 7. April 2012. Thank you and have a good time
  3. All this looks great!! Can onebody tell me what you do with the swich in front of the speedometer? is it for the traction control?
  4. My hobbys? All kind of making music, (i have a store for instruments), us-cars, old Kawasaki bikes and Marklin modell trains. If i have time, traveling, most time in western europe, 3 times in the USA. Last but not least: 5 children and some home pets. You see, that are more hobbys than i can make, but i will lost no one off these ;-) PS: If one from you comes to germany, please let me know, i woud be happy to meet from of these Club in my house.
  5. Heidestier

    Merry Christmas

    We, the german taurus-club wish all friends in the taurus family merry Christmas!! Best wishes from germany taurus-club.de Klaus Admin
  6. Congratulation!! Your wagon is a inspiration for some wagon-driver in europe! Have a good time with your red wagon! Klaus from germany www.taurus-club.de
  7. Here is one from our last meeting.
  8. Great Picks, great cars!! Thank you fore sharing!
  9. At my BMW i use only Bosch Platinum, but at the Vulcan i use NGK. best results at each engine with their spark plugs.
  10. At my 99modell i have 7,5 x 16, standard was 6,5 x 15 with 215 / 60 16 At the 02 standard was 6,5 x 16, now i have 7,5 x 17 with 235 / 55 17 if i want to drive bigger than this i have to make bodywork, there is no more place in front and rear.
  11. Now i have god music on bord, i think next time i bring in some new speaker in front and rear. Today i bring in new spark plugs and a new inside air filter.
  12. I put on nice wheels and bring in a cd-radio with Iphone-jack.
  13. The meeting was small, but we had a lot of fun. In the next days i will send you some pictures. Pictures you can see here: http://temmes.te.funpic.de/index.html and here: https://picasaweb.google.com/1066698594 ... 7ulneq4pgE
  14. What is that? I never have seen this car bevore!
  15. Hallo, we celebrate our meeting this year from 5. to 7. august. The meeting is in Darmstadt, near Frankfurt. If there are taurus friends and driver who have interesst to meet us, contact me. call 0049-1714057901. Everybody is welcome!! Saturday evening is a big barbeque. Pictures will follow!!
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