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  1. Never owned one but I do know that the V8 does get better estimates than the V6.
  2. Filter was serviced properly. The new owner that I mentioned drives every car like he is takin' a left on a NASCAR track. I never had a serious engine issue while I owned it, but it wasn't well maintained and was in a flood.
  3. I got rid of mine; the 01 Sable anyway. I know the new owner unfortunately and it threw a rod two weeks after I sold it. I traded the old girl for a 2008 Taurus X. Speaking of which, are those supported in these forums? Anyway, I like it. It's already got seat covers, a wax job and of course a K&N air filter. Rides high, lots of space, and more than enough power.
  4. installed factory (junks yard) fog lamps. i too see a battery in my future; mines 7yo and has been in 5 different vehicles.
  5. I have to crawl under it tonight, but that's what I'm hoping for. if that's the case I have the housings and the switch, just need the sockets...
  6. Installed new door lock actuators all the way around. Now I finally have power door locks.
  7. I have an '01 Sable LS standard, and I want to add factory style fog lamps; any help wold be greatly appreciated.
  8. i've had falken ziex tires; i don't remember if they were 329's, but the ones i had were great on dry pavement and not bad at all in the rain and snow.
  9. Oil Change yesterday with Motorcraft 5w20 and motocraft filter, new cabin filter, new rain-x wipers, and i finally broke down and bought a K&N air filter.
  10. New Monroe quick struts on both rear corners as well as Moog sway bar link kits and new TRW ball joints in the front. ...Failed safety inspection... FYI if you are in the market for new ball joints and Advance Auto is your shop of choice, stay away from the "Drive Works" brand. They were my first choice for price and I had to return both for defects as soon as I opened the package.
  11. here in stl: dodge caravan, toyota highlander, mitsu eclipse. if you are a soccer mom, a soccer mom, or one of those rice burner tuner fast and furious t-shirt wearing wannabe badass street racer fanboy douchebags...fk you!
  12. its not just the gen 3 that does it, my gen 4 does too. as for them having "the most powerful fans...in the world", i thing the last generation s-10/blazer takes that award. keep in mind that the 190 horse vortec v-6 didn't drive the wheels on those trucks, it drove the fan which acted as a propeller and pulled the truck through the air. (pieces of s**t)
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