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  1. yeah i been trying them a decent runig 92-95 wagons rage 1000-1500. curently have 60 with saving 100 each mont i figuer sometime between december and may, wich really sucks Alice
  2. i currently have a a 2006 Taurus SEL. its financed in my moms name and I'm going to lose it because she is having to file bankruptcy. wells fargo isn't interested in working out a lower payment plan and finance to me because i have horrendous credit, hence why my car is financed by my mom. I'm in a power wheel chair so i would prefer to find a wagon. i also prefer the look of the gen 2 sable, but a Taurus would work. I'm just starting to save now but want get some pricing ideas. but it only 25 these month and put back 75 to 100 each month after. living on full disability don't leave me much money. Well, do my Taurus/Sable brothers & sisters think they can help me??? Alice
  3. how do i join a chapter i think im northeast alice
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