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  1. Is it annoying having a US MPH speedometer on the car?
  2. It isn't cheap oil/filter.... It is using the proper spec oil, some people will put in oil that is actually SA spec (non detergent) without even knowing it...it is sold at many convience stores and gas stations that should know better....but get it for the cheapness. Heck, there is one that is actually USED OIL in a bottle. http://www.pqiameric...rdjune2012.html Also more than 5,000 miles on straight conventional will not be good, 6,000 on a Synthetic Blend is fine, 7,500 is fine on cheap synthetic (quaker state synthetic for example) and 10,000 on Mobil One/Pennzoil Platnium/Royal Purple/
  3. Why does it have ford badges, was that due to it being exported?
  4. In NJ...all gasoline is E10, 87,89,91,93/94. I would rather deal with Ethanol than MTBE which seeks out ground water, and may cause cancer.
  5. Would a bad water pump symptom be that the temprature drops when i go fast on a cold day, from mid-temp gauge down to the lower cold region?
  6. I thought the 1996+ taurus used electronics instead of vaccum to operate the hvac system
  7. Replaced the blend door actuator, checked the blend door itself for movement, and it moves properly. Had the cooling system fully flushed (backflushed) tons of crud came out, but still no heat, vaccumed out the intake for the heater and replaced the cabin air filter. Is my heater core dead, or are there other things i can check for?
  8. My 2003 has nearly 180,000 on it, and it is going strong, former rental car. Quaker State is decent stuff, it is the same as Pennzoil/Shell but is positioned as their "bargan" brand, it is the same except for the additive pack.
  9. What i find stupid, the fact that they cover over the c pillar windows
  10. For synthetic, the best bang for the buck is Quaker State Ultimate Durability, 20 bucks for 5 quarts of synthetic.
  11. To touch on what chart said, here is a few more stops on the history tour 1986-1991 it used a flat tappet cam, 1992-1995 it was Roller cam and lower friction pistons. A tappet is what the pushrod uses to connect to the cam, on the earlier ones it was metal on metal, on later ones it is roller on metal, as these engines are over head valve, meaning 12 valve V6 with pushrods, the duratec and SHO V6 are Dual Over Head Cam, meaning that the cam pretty much directly drives the valves, allowing for 4 valves per cylnder versus 2 for the vulcan V6. 1996, Upgrade to EEC-V with an Electronic Distribu
  12. Had the headlights restored to brand new for 40 bucks (guy does it out the back of a SUV and has a 2 year warranty) a discount of 15 bucks, due to him giving me the "company" discount since he does work for my company as a contractor/freelancer i guess that is the way to describe it. They....LOOK BRAND NEW, to the point where before they were foggy and you could not even see the texture on the turn signal...now you can see the turn signal texture....and the alignment mark. I will take a photo later under better lighting and weather conditions.
  13. Thought it was all had em except for 2003, my mistake.
  14. For example i have to make sure i get a 2003 coolant bottle as i lack a low coolant sensor. I think the pre 12/02 MFD ones for 2003 had them.
  15. Do you remember when both vehicles were made? Sometimes early and True 2001s might be different, if yours was made in 2000 it could be a different beast.
  16. If you want a car with decent mpg that will protect ya, 2005-2007 Focus, i had a 2006 ZX4 SE that got 30+ on the highway no problem, If you can find a 2005-2007 Focus ZX4 ST you get the 2.3L out of a Fusion/Ranger with a a 5 speed stick (no auto model) that can come close to the SVT in terms of performance, but cheaper to operate and maintain
  17. throughout the movie accoring to IMCDB.org (internet movie car database) the car switches years, i guess they went with a gen 1 and did not care
  18. That is a fake airbag...the car is a 86-89 (steering wheel design) without airbags, and it has gen 2 hubcaps..for some reason they wanted to drive home it was a taurus
  19. I had them on a 2006 Focus and a friend had em on a 1995 SHO, great in ND snow, Tiger paw touring T rated. There are other types of tiger paw touring. like the V rated, or the Long touring or Touring AWP
  20. If i were to pick a decent tire, Uniroyal Tiger Paw Touring, 80,000 mi tire i got for 80 per tire on a 2006 focus, great in the snow, same thing on a taurus is even better.
  21. The Viva is a walmart special. A tire built down to their prices.
  22. I read reviews of the viva 2, the tires have a 1 ply sidewall on them, that is why they are so noisy, so much flex going unchecked. Right now i am running second hand (160/4 tires, almost new) Continental ContiProContact 215/60/16 T rated, decent all around tires for a gen 4. Personal preference if i were to go new, Michelin/Uniroyal, followed by Goodyear
  23. According to a local place i called, 8 times out of 10 the heater core is clogged, and these supposedly have a heater core bypass in the heatercore itself. guy said to run some soap through it to gently eat away at the dirt. Tide,Dawn,etc is usable.
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