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  1. I never got the eclipse fixed. Too much work, totaled it basically. So i got a different car, just bought it yesterday, sight unseen, just photos and the descreption. Will be picking it up later this month, and i decided to say hello here, been a while. So, what do you think i bought this time, i will give you a few clues to get ya started...make a game out of it. It was produced on the north american continent Is not a Taurus/Sable/Continental has overhead cams Is Blue
  2. I planned on doing it once i get the car back, and get tires on it, and replace the hatch struts, and new spark plugs
  3. Absolutely nothing, it has been sitting at a body shop waiting for money since January, the guy knows my grandfather so thankfully i don't have to pay storage
  4. Basicaly, i have been fighting to get my car repaired, the 2003 eclipse. Meanwhile i have been bumming rides from coworkers, biking, family members giving me a ride, etc. It hasn't been an easy 5 months but it is drawing to a close. Not counting my chickens before they hatch but the paperwork for the homeowners insurnace (the accident was caused by a homeowner and happened on their property due to stuff coming down their driveway and freezing) was submitted today, should hear back within the next week and a half. What does this mean for me, i get my car back, if all goes well, by the first fe
  5. My personal opinion...keep it stock, i would find a place that will recondition the wheels to brand new in terms of looks. I have seen places like that turn a beat up 1980s rim into something that looked like it came off the factory yesterday.
  6. I went off the reviews, the Exalto seems to tick all the boxes, all around good tire (snow/wet/dry/etc)
  7. My eclipse will be needing new tires before next winter, i was thinking of getting somewhat decent performance all season tires instead of touring tires, are there any reccomendations you guys have, i was thinking Michelin Pilot Exalto, but how good are they for snow traction? another option was the Firestone Firehawk GT-H (meh in snow/ice for north dakota on my focus, but should do fine in NJ winters) Size is 205/55/16
  8. We had michelin X radials on our focus, 80k tire from sams club, never got stuck in the snow.
  9. Personaly, stick with the michelin, family used them for decades without problem
  10. The main reason i would reccomend the Autozone part is due to the fact that you can get the replacment part for free at autozone if it ever goes bad. it is a simple job on a vulcan, for a duratec i would use a Motorcraft part instead
  11. I can confirm 100% that...your alternator is going bad, the darn thing is having issues with diodes. Same thing happened to my 2003 sable, it would be fine on shorter trips, but when i would go on longer trips, the alternator would start to throw a tantrum and have weird issues, throwing the THEFT light and everything would go haywire for a few moments. Go to AutoZone and get their lifetime reman alternator, they are always in stock so you never have to wait for one if it ever goes bad. The brand new ones are special order and according to a clerk at the one near me...are more likely to go wr
  12. Crashed into a belgian curb due to black ice on a road caused by water coming down some homeowners driveway on an otherwise clear road
  13. Little something i made a while back
  14. I thought i would stick with a taurus forever, then i found my current car (the eclipse) and i felt a connection...that the car had more potential than my old car for logevity (the sable had 179k on it, the eclipse is right at 110,001k on the clock, same model year and month of assembly 03/2003 in Normal IL vs 03/03 in Chicago IL) as well as the fact that it will save me money on gas in the long run. If you feel the Green Taurus is a good fit, and you have the means to...do it. The Gen 4 is a decent upgrade to a Gen 3, it will have less issues going on with it due to age, it will probably nee
  15. I like that dark green, our escort was similar in shade to it.
  16. Fresh Oil,Oil Filter, and air filter, all part of my traditional first month of car ownership duty.
  17. all 2007's were MFD in 2006 for the fleet market, that means it was either a rental car, a company car, a state vehicle, a county vehicle, a town vehicle, etc.
  18. Thing is..this one is 100% stock, all factory components still. Now, that also means that this car has the balance i wanted, a bit of sportyness and performance, yet decent mpg
  19. Oddly, the car was MFD in March 2003 in Illinois just like the 2003 sable i traded in.
  20. Do a 1st gen probe and a 1st gen eclipse..that is remarcabily similar too.
  21. If anyone goes to a junkyard and sees a 5 speed leather gearknob for a mitsubishi of the era i am buying...i will pay ya to get it for me.
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