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  1. 800 or so bucks, i stopped tallying up the repair cost, so that is just an estimate. Stuff done this past weekend (sat-mon) New Oxygen sensors, new coil pack, new plug wires (sat) New Lower control arms (car has upper and lower ones) Fresh Alignment, New Brake Pads and Rotors (raybestos advance technology, same as a 1994-2000 taurus non SHO) on Monday. Result, according to my scan gauge an average of 26.8 mpg is doable.
  2. Engines run hotter now, due to emissions. Also, pedestrian safety has made it so you cannot have a low hood line like you once had.
  3. A car that can roll the coal due to the oil leaking.
  4. It's the Semi-Automatic Climate Control. A hybrid version.
  5. The only way they could do it and not lose money...base it off the Fusion Platform or the 2016 Taurus Variant. Make it AWD by default.
  6. 1992 Ford Passenger Vehicle Lineup (SHO Used due to image size)
  7. Here is a neat little fact. In 1998 ford almost made a updated thunderbird with a new wheel package. As you can see below...those wheels are VERY familiar to those of us who have owned the Taurus, 1999 SHO wheels and 2003 Centennial Edition used them. The kicker, the part # for them decodes to 1998 Thunderbird. F8SZ-1007-AA (F8=1998 SZ=Thunderbird) See, the t-bird for 1989-1997 used the same bolt pattern as the taurus with a different offset. Taurus wheels on a t-bird stick out less.
  8. It is like the ultimate evolution of the 1992 Taurus Dashboard. If only they put it into the SHO, i am sure it could have been done. The Taurus is barely a inch narrower. I know the main problem would be the lack of a huge transmission tunnel, but it would still probably work out well in a SHO.
  9. Some updates. Car needed a bit of work, new tires, repair an exhaust leak with the studs on the manifold for the cat backing out, 160 bucks to have Monoro to fix that, it needs new oxygen sensors and lower ball joints on the front.
  10. Update: it has the ford factory premium sound CD player. not the one with a seperate tape deck.
  11. i think only a few thousand were made with the 5 SP. If you get a 302 T-Bird you can swap in a 5 speed from a mustang quite easily.
  12. the Pi manifold will worn on NPI, just a few changes have to be made.
  13. But the 97 has two nice pluses 1: dual cup holders 2: 4 wheel disc
  14. Does it have the modifications to be used on a t-bird? The coolant crossover and a few other things have to be modified for it to work.
  15. Yes, when the tach goes towards the lower numbers, the engine speed is dropping, when you are upshifting you are putting the engine into the power band again
  16. Things i do plan to to the car 1: Newer stereo unless it has the one with the factory amp, that isn't too bad, same as the 90s SHO and a slight pain to upgrade due to some wiring differences. 2: If it has the fully plastic intake manifold with plastic crossover for coolant, upgrade to later 4.6L Intake from a Performance Improved Engine, expensive swap but more reliable (aluminum crossover) and not much more work than just installing a new manifold, reroute a coolant line and use some silicone to adapt a coolant passage to the more square shape 3: Enjoy it, keeping it mostly sto
  17. i guess everyone may have given up. Here is the answer. 1996 Thunderbird 4.6L LX, with Electronic Climate Control, In Pacfic Green, and with a Traction-Lok Rear. 2000 bucks.
  18. Nope. Another clue, it has true 4 wheel independent suspension.
  19. Oh and it has low miles for its age, 87,800 Miles, that may be a clue or not, up to you.
  20. I was wrong on #6, it is actually a green, seller posted the color as "Sea blue" It isn't blue, but a rich green. #5, going on the right track but it isn't a crown victoria. #4, You may be right #2 it is an older car #1 100% right
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