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  1. Bought Goodyear Eagle Sport 225/60/16 V rated for the T-Bird. Might be selling the old 215/70R15 tires and wheels soon. Debating what to do with them
  2. Why do that? it's the same parts for shocks/coils. The Mustang IRS has different mounts and won't drop in. if you want light weight you swap in a Mark VIII control arm set modified to work with the coils. you just swap over the hubs from a standard mustang. Edit: I was being dumb about what i said. I meant the parts swap over, i forgot the subframe differences. Long work week. What i really intended was what i said above, parts do swap over directly.
  3. The cobra brakes/suspension on the rear is an easy swap. You just swap over the entire rear subframe.
  4. Vash, i am going to be trying out the Goodyear Eagle Sport V Rated in 225/60/16 i will let you know how it works out with my non Sport 1996 V8 suspension.
  5. I use the Lighter adapter Scoche from walmart. it works great on my t-bird
  6. http://www.ehow.com/how_7674318_troubleshoot-led-tail-lights-thunderbird.html According to Ehow and a few other sites via a google search for "1992 thunderbird LED panel" has several results for the panel
  7. Also, these were made by Hewlett Packard.
  8. Just found a photo. If you find a working passenger side red bottom one, i'd pay good money. you could make a fortune stockpiling the damn things.
  9. The Supercoupe has a stripe still, mine are pure red.
  10. And the 1989-1995 is different due to the badging. 1996/1997 has no black stripe at the bottom. I got the THUNDERBIRD LX script which i like, friend of mine in Oklahoma doesn't, he thinks it looks tacky and "removing that is one of the first things i would do when i bought it"
  11. Not sure how to test it other than carrying a 12v battery and turning the headlight switch on.
  12. He wants to have matching tires and he has fallen in love with the BF Goodrich Advantage T/A, in V rated. He does want a good all-season tire, and that one is highly rated and made in the USA. Also if i do get an exhaust one thing i am keeping is the way the exhaust tips are, with the angled out towards the corner tips. I think it looks unique when it is cold to have it coming out the corners of the bumper.
  13. 1992-1997 ones do it. People complained about it just being a reflector and not doing anything else. HP built the panel, it is not easily rebuildable, the entire assembly with the external panel is one piece. Not mine, but from TCCOA showing the problem mine has on the opposite side.
  14. You know how on the trunk lid the T-bird logo area lights up?
  15. Vash, if you can find a working passenger side LED panel for a 1996/1997 i'd pay ya for it. The junkyards near me are totally devoid of t-birds.
  16. Friend convinced me i would be better off with 225/60/16 tires instead of 215/70R15 due to the fact that you can easily get a H or V rated tire without breaking the proverbial bank.Otherwise i would have kept the salad shooters.
  17. If you decode the rim part # it comes to F8SZ Ford 1998 S=Thunderbird Z=Ford Service Parts http://www.fordification.com/tech/partnumbers_overview.htm
  18. My mechanic checked out the uppers when he did the lower ones, saw nothing wrong with them at all. Afterwards i got an alignment, for some reason you can feel the rear end lean into curves with the passive rear wheel steering a lot more now.
  19. I have the eagle eyes headlights off ebay, very high quality even their corners are high quality. Made in taiwan with quality.
  20. If he put on the 1996/1997 nose with the 1996/1997 Sport model center caps and chromed lug nuts...he would really trick someone, as with those changes and dual exhaust he would look like a V8 Sport. I plan on getting those wheels eventually for my 1996. I perfer having 225/60/16 versus 215/70R15.
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