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  1. 14 hours ago, TaurusKev said:

    Birds are always a money pit. :lol:

    I decided to finally work on the Supercoupe... I had a spare power seat base in my garage. Well... Even though the power motor dimensions are all the same... Ford changed the teeth on the motor, so I could not use it in my S/C... So now, I have to go junkyarding with a drill battery to test and grab a base out of a MN-12... Damnit. Oh well, I need to go junkyarding to find parts. I think next Monday I'll go out to Aurora and go visit my favorite junkyard. Maybe I'll find a Galant or Endeavor and grab an A/C High pressure line. Even though they fit different, I don't see the hard parts being too different hopefully. I love A/C, and I hate not having A/C in the Mits.

    Why is it that way with the T-Bird. Is it just due to the nature of the beast they put some half baked ideas in that worked when new, but age badly?

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  2. T-Bird is a money pit still. 

    Getting towards the end now. IAC is going bad on it, stalls when the a/c is on and the car is parked. 

    New intake manifold swapped onto it, so it has a 2005 Performance Improved Intake, with aluminum crossover.

    New Coil Packs installed, accel this time.

    New Water Pump.

    Complete power steering flush, the fluid looked like poo...literal poo. now it is nice and transmission fluid colored.

    New Brake Lines. The steel ones rotted from the inside out.

    Makes me miss the simplicity of the D186

  3. Update to the post.


    Junkyard Barbies of Morrisville PA was very spartan last time i went there. we were looking for t-bird and 1998+ crown vic parts. Found just one 1998+ crown vic. The price of scrap has caused less cars to be scraped. In 2012 when i last posted there were acres of cars,i went there back in may and it was under new management, no more 10 buck for a lifetime entry, etc. 

  4. Alternator on the supercoupe died.


    Pro: It's right on top despite billions of tubes and parts.


    Con: Apparently nobody stocks it in store, Only place I see with it is Rock Auto, I might try and do a rebuild.... Maybe I can take my Taurus 3.8L alternator and combine them. But, guess that car is now down for service.


    So now I only have 2 of 4 vehicles that work... :S




  5. Well I bought the Scosche  lighter mount one at Wal-Mart Sunday, I returned it Monday. I don't know if I got a bad one or what, but you could move the 3.5mm cable around and get lots of static.  I ordered the Scosche AUX jack/FM modulator when I got back home.  What Bluetooth adapter are you using? Walk-Mart has a "Cobra" branded one for $49.00 I think it was.  Thanks.

    Don't get a cobra. Their non CB/Walkie Talkie products suck.


    The one you bought is the one i have, and it works great for me. Try another one.


    The main reason i don't swap out the radio is twofold, i got a 1996 thunderbird with the Premium Sound 80W amp/CD player.


    1: i got the same issues the 1996-2007 D186 platform has...the radio controls are in the dash, and the brains are in the trunk.


    2: I like the novelty of having a 1996 CD player.

  6. Work from cheapest to most expensive to fix.


    I would run a little bit of seafoam or similar through it, with the front of the car up on ramps/jack stands. See if it is coming out where it shouldn't be. if that happens, it is a leak.


    If that doesn't do it, i would then procede to check the sensors, if they have issues...replace them, if not... you have to move onto bad cats.

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