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  1. Going to put new upper control arms on, might as well, 140 bucks to have a friend do all the work, plus 50 bucks a side for parts.
  2. Why is it that way with the T-Bird. Is it just due to the nature of the beast they put some half baked ideas in that worked when new, but age badly?
  3. By next year i will have had the car fully resprayed back to the deep factory green instead of the faded by 20 years green.
  4. T-Bird is a money pit still. Getting towards the end now. IAC is going bad on it, stalls when the a/c is on and the car is parked. New intake manifold swapped onto it, so it has a 2005 Performance Improved Intake, with aluminum crossover. New Coil Packs installed, accel this time. New Water Pump. Complete power steering flush, the fluid looked like poo...literal poo. now it is nice and transmission fluid colored. New Brake Lines. The steel ones rotted from the inside out. Makes me miss the simplicity of the D186
  5. I was going to be there with the Thunderbird, but life took over, family moved, and all the money that would have gone towards it, got spent on nothing but the move. Next year i am definitely going.
  6. Frank Miller's Robocop. A Graphic novel "based" on the original script for robocop 2 and 3. There are clues that it was updated a lot to fit his newer narrative style. Not sure where to post this, but it is found in the wild.
  7. Okay, small update. 1997 center console lid at the house, ready to install once i get a torx screwdriver set. Tried to do it when i was home last, ran out of time. Needs new LCA Strut Rod bushings. Intake manifold should be going on next weekend Jmodded rebuilt valve body ordered, should go on next weekend too, depending on arrival time.
  8. Update to the post. Junkyard Barbies of Morrisville PA was very spartan last time i went there. we were looking for t-bird and 1998+ crown vic parts. Found just one 1998+ crown vic. The price of scrap has caused less cars to be scraped. In 2012 when i last posted there were acres of cars,i went there back in may and it was under new management, no more 10 buck for a lifetime entry, etc.
  9. First thing i would do is reset the ECU. Pull the battery terminals, leave it 30 minutes.
  10. https://www.supercoupeperformance.com/alternator-for-the-38l-sc-engine-697
  11. New fuel pump New coil pack new rear springs (moog cargo coils) New Rear Shocks (monroe sensa-trak) new front coilover units (Monroe quick struts) New Rear endlinks for the sway bar
  12. New fuel pump time, going to go with a 190 LPH pump from SuperCoupe Performance
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