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  1. I vote myself. to NOT be president. I CAN'T HANDLE THE PRESSURE!
  2. LMFAO...I love how one little typo changes everything XD
  3. Oh my. Well I just remember that I'll be (hopefully) living on my own by then. So I'm not sure about my money situation either. I'll have to wait til it gets closer to the date.
  4. I'm down no matter what! Plenty of time for me to take off of work. And plenty of time to do something crazy to my car. What? I don't know yet..but it shall be crazy haha. I'm down for Carlisle But yeah we should do something sooner then that haha.
  5. Very interesting. Can't wait to see the end product!
  6. FFV how did you get the panel back on? Mine fell of and I haven't been able to find a way to stick it back on.
  7. Dude if you still have them, I'll take the exhaust tips lol
  8. The resonator is as good as gone then LOL. And thanks for the info. That shop is pretty good and pretty cheap.
  9. I'm MAYBE going to school in Pittsburgh, so I MIGHT be there. It all depends on the date.
  10. Sweet getting it done next Friday for my birthday then lol. So they just have to cut out the 3rd cat and weld in a straight pipe? I'll also finally be getting tips on there finally. I'll try and get a video up. Already got the flowmaster 40 on there...with 3rd cat delete...can't wait lol
  11. Does removing the 3rd cat make the exhaust louder? And will it throw any codes then? Basically would it pass emissions and be safe?
  12. O.M.G. I do the last two to the T. Freaking crazy lol XD
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