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  1. Jesse

    P0191 :(

    Gotta try that then, thanks Rus
  2. I don't know who else to ask besides my friendly fellow taurus/sable owners. I know this is related to the fuel rail pressure sensor, but if any of you have experience with this specific trouble code, was it solved by replacing the sensor or was it something else relating to the pressure of the fuel system... I want to be completely positive if it is the sensor or not because I don't wanna spend $150+ on a part that I didn't need... Here's what happened, I was out at the movies last night with a friend, I parked, the car started sputtering so I shut it off. The check engine light came on and the oil light flashed so I got out and checked oil, coolant, spark plugs, etc. Everything was fine. Checked for leaks - no leaks. I go to start the car and didn't hear the fuel pressurizing. It started, but it was acting like it was gonna die out from no fuel. I put it in drive and moved up a bit and it was being sluggish as hell. Then it died out. I tried starting it back up and it wouldn't start. Same thing - I didn't hear it pressurize. I let it sit for a minute, called family to let them know whats going on then like a miracle I turned the key and I heard the fuel pressurize and it started up like a champ as if nothing at all happened. It wasn't hesitating, jolting, nothing. I only felt the small misfires I always feel. What do you guys think?
  3. They look nice. Just wondering, is your Sable lowered?
  4. Front are easy but the back plugs you have to feel around for them.
  5. How would I even do that? I didn't understand what he said lol. Still a newbie here
  6. Tried that one and it didn't work. I'm probably gonna have to replace the motor. I thought maybe it was some bad wiring or a fuse that needed to be replaced but its not so I'll just have to replace it. Thanks guys
  7. Wow I'm jealous! I love the new SHO's. They're beautiful! Congrats to your Mom!
  8. Hi all, I have another problem I need some help with. I have no idea whatsoever how to fix it. My rear drivers side power window stopped working. It stopped working a couple years ago, then started working again a couple months ago, then a couple months later it stopped working again. It works when it wants to. I just took off the door panel and couldn't see any broken wires or obvious reasons why it stopped working it just doesn't go down. Everything electrically (from what i can tell) is in working order. I can hear a small click when I press the button. It's not a continuous click just a small click that clicks once probably indicating its not a fuse or something because it sounds like its trying to work but idk. What do you think it could be? I wanna fix it by Sunday I have an appointment for getting my windows tinted.
  9. Okay, so after driving around with a new one for a couple days here's the difference. A lot of the problems have gone away, but I can still feel the misfire. :/ The car doesn't hesitate when I first put it R or D, i can drive away with ease It doesn't jerk when I turn the air conditioner on it doesn't hesitate when I'm driving it doesn't jerk when i'm in D at a stop etc. It got rid of a lot of the problems but I can still feel a misfire any ideas guys? Jesse
  10. This one from a gen4 taurus/sable http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/Taurus-Mercury-Sable-Console-Rear-Cup-Holder-00-07-Ford-/180701531597?pt=Motors_Car_Truck_Parts_Accessories&hash=item2a12a68dcd#ht_500wt_956 Thanks in advance buddy
  11. Actually scratch that I just went ahead and bought one. AutoZone didn't close till 9. Dropped about $70 on a Duralast coil pack Honestly, there's a huge difference... The car doesn't hesitate in a driveable gear when I'm in park and I step on the pedal to rev it a bit I don't feel the misfire power has increased it doesn't hesitate to accelerate from a stop when I turn the a/c on it doesn't act all jumpy on me. barely felt the a/c go on from the drivers seat! I haven't did a OBDII scan yet, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed I don't get any codes Plus all of that was tested while the engine was hot... gonna see how it acts when it's cold tomorrow because the symptoms were worse when the engine was first turned on...
  12. Hey, if you can, for me, be on the look out for rear cup holders and a left rear door reflector thingamabob. I'm missing a reflector and the cupholder I have now is loose and broken. Can you believe they only had around 4 or 5 4th gen bulls at my local yard?? Nothing but flippin' wasps flying around too.
  13. Thank you for the info Angrod! I'm more than likely going to replace the coil pack but I'm just waiting to make the decision because I googled the obdii codes and a lot of other taurus owners had the same codes and 8/10 of them say they replaced the coil pack and it was good for a few weeks but came back. One of them said he had a broken spring on one of the valves and thats what was causing the obdii codes and he was originally replacing the cylinder heads but ended up only replacing the spring and it fixed the problem... I have no idea. haha Well to answer your question, I can smell the gas smell strongly outside of the car from the exhaust. If the air conditioner is on right when I start the car I can smell the exhaust in the cabin but just barely. Not overwhelming. I smelled a new smell about 5 minutes ago after getting off of the freeway. The car went up to about 5k rpm if that matters. this might sound weird, but have you ever been in one of those asian grocery stores? It smelled like that. not like fish, but like, the general smell of an asian store. I was like wtf is that? I thought it was my neighbors at first, then I opened up the hood and couldn't smell anything, but when I turned the car back on instead of the strong gasoline smell I usually smell it was the asian grocery store smell.
  14. First off, thank you so much for your reply. I really appreciate it. When I said I revd the engine I didn't mean I revd it high I barely press on the pedal (to maybe 2k rpm) and I can feel it. Even my friends dad who works at pepboys and did my obdii check said he can feel the misfire. Here is a list of everything maintenance I've done. Ignition switch replaced (something ignition related - the car was previously owned by my mom and she cant remember) oil changes air filter cabin filter spark plugs/wires motorcraft current oil is highmileage stuff with a bunch of detergents in it. switched to 5w20 after using 5w30 switched to using only chevron gas ran some marvel mystery oil before oil change a/c compressor clutch replaced with one from gen III taurus serpentine belt changes
  15. I did that today, PepBoys was able to do it for me. It's illegal in California... psh. wtf. The codes are P0301 and P0316 It says I have a misfire in cylinder 1 and it read that there were high rev's happening recently (which is true). Haven't changed the fuel filter yet. I haven't had time. I might get around to it this week. It has around 160500. No, and no
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