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  1. My Centennial had the straight grained wood on the steering wheel, and my car wasn't in an accident. It did appear to be a lighter color compared to the regular wood-grain steering wheels.
  2. Just out of curiosity, why is it the wrong steering wheel?
  3. Beautiful Sable Jeff! I know this thread is about the 09, but do you still mess with the '92 Sable?
  4. You got more use out of yours than I did mine. I had to replace the fuel pump at 58,000 miles
  5. My Centennial has every option for the 2003 MY: sunroof, Mach, Duratec, and it even has a spoiler. The spoiler was dealer-installed because no Centennial came from the factory with a spoiler.
  6. I've been at my new job for almost a year, and it came with a pretty long commute. I hate to get rid of my baby, but I would rather sell it while is has some shred of value left in it, and while it still has relatively low miles (72,500 miles). I haven't committed to selling just yet, but I have test driven some Fusions that I really like.
  7. Wow, that looks amazing! Michakaveli, do you think CQUARTZ would work well on black paint?
  8. Happy Birthday Devin! Hope it's a good one for you!
  9. I have the front pair of those floormats in Medium Parchment. They are good in the winter time with keeping the snow and dirt off of the carpets.
  10. This breaks my heart. You have tooo much invested in this car to give it up. Hopefully the damage isn't too bad underneath so you can save the Bull!
  11. I went to get the Taurus serviced at the dealer, and I am NOT HAPPY at all! When I was driving home, the throttle felt 'weird' to me, almost as if it was sticking. So I pull over and take a look at the recall clip that they had just put on. They put it on backwards! So thank you to 'The White Falcon' for taking pictures of your recall fix so I could put my clip on properly. Then I check the oil, and it's 1/2 qt low. So they didn't even put enough oil back in it after they changed the oil. And I know I don't have an oil leak because I just checked the oil level last night and it was righ
  12. I washed her up last night, tire shine and all. Black sure does look classy when it's clean! Gonna take her in next weekend for an oil change and to get the recall fix done.
  13. Those wheels make it look like a Sable LTS! Very nice sir!
  14. I'm having a similar issue with my beloved Taurus. It only happens when it's hot out and the car has been driven for an extended period of time. When I come to a full stop and press the accelerator, the car bucks/jerks/stutters. However, I wouldn't described it as being violent. And on top of that it doesn't do it all the time; it's intermittent. It might do it two times in a row from taking off from a stop, and then it can drive fine after that. And once the car is moving, it shifts fine. It only happens from a dead stop. Ford told me it was a bad coil pack, but I still have the problem even
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