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  1. Good progress on the wagon! Get that mustang muffler tucked in, and have the shop make a meaty looking 3" stealth turn-down. Menacing yet classy. It's a trend I'm seeing with this car.
  2. I own a 20 year old Subaru spaceship, too. I pride myself on my questionable vehicle purchases. Hi Brian! Hi everybody! Luke, I'm thinking of going to a set of the first gen forged Alcoa 20's on the barge, with 275's all around. Thoughts? Opinions? They look like the twinny-twins, but are obviously more normal sized.
  3. I know. I have it in my car. The sub cuts bass at anything over 1/3 volume. Meanwhile, the highs will make your ears bleed at anything over 1/2 volume. :-o
  4. That blasted sub mute.... robbing me of precious bass.
  5. All prices are negotiable. Make an offer, and you might just get some nicely priced parts!
  6. Greetings. The time has come, where I am parting with my beloved Taurus, and a lot of the fiddly bits that were a part of her. Items for Sale: -SHO Source Underdrive pulley and Underdog Racing alternator Overdrive Pulley, with pre-owned belt included for sizing reference. $120 shipped, OBO. -Billet aluminum Duratec MAF adapter for 96-03 Duratec. Includes sensor housing. $50 Shipped, OBO Other random goodies include: -Brand new Mach 1 front Lip (no hardware) - $50 + shipping -OEM SE and SEL woodgr
  7. Haven't been around much lately. Kinda bummed that my Taurus is all stock-ish again. I did, however, pick up a new play toy, in February. Some of you have seen it on the Facebook, but here's some photos. The car came with an AWFUL set of exhaust tips, so I installed these, from a 2010 Impreza STi hatchback: The car is a 1995 Subaru SVX LSi. I bought the car in Tucson, AZ, and drove it back to Houston. It turned 191,000 miles, this past sunday. It drives like a dream, and scoots around pretty good, for a porky gal. Lowering springs and a new rear swaybar are on the way. Goin
  8. Sharp lookin' car, Brian. Great purchase. I'm in awe of the condition of the headlights and tail lights. And that digital dash...oof! It makes me think dirty, dirty things. Interested in some period-appropriate shoes for Scarlett? I may have an idea... (and a set for sale) Do it.
  9. :lol: It was the bus driver, or another one of the riders that was going to beat the dumb out of her. Trying to wreck the bus while a bunch of people are on it (and around it). No ma'am. You have just forefeited your right to be treated like a civilized human being.
  10. I had it done in may, because I thought my brother was going to rent the car for the summer. Stock trans was still okay, but according to the shop, everything was WAY loose (age), and the electronics were brittle and near death (age). For the most part, it's a decent build. Shifts aren't as firm as i'd like, but the downshifts are vastly improved. Still going to swap for an MTX, one day.
  11. Drove the car a bit, today. Put some fresh E85 in it. The whole front end just feels loose after the trans re-build. Gonna address that issue when I finally get around to re-lowering the car. I know, for sure, that the subframe is shifted because the driver's side front wheel has more negative camber to it than when the car was lowered 2+ inches. Ugh... I also think one too many intake backfires (thank you, E85 cold starts...) has killed my PCV. The car is leaking oil out of the back valve cover, but that could just be the age of the car catching up. 177k miles on original VC gaskets..
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