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  1. when I had my 94, i had a K&N, a custom ram air intake tube my uncle made, NGK wires and iridium autolite plugs, and no muffler. didnt seem different, but it sounded cooler when you gave her the nuts. I do hafta agree with the other folks though, not much you can do to these. what they lack in power they make up for in reliability. sure mine didnt go 110, but it could hold 75-80 for a few hours no problem. even with rod knock (looks at Vash and smiles) $had3
  2. Now, some noted issues: needs a throttle position sensor. will be here tomorrow, on payday needs to have the famous E34 twisted seat cure performed. that will be handled shortly. seat is out of the car for now has a pretty bad hunting idle. hoping the TPS and cleaning the intake will fix this needs an oil change needs a trunklid, pass taillight entire assembly needs both bumpers needs drivers front fender needs a new Aftermarket radio that has an Aux port I picked up a set of half worn Goodyear Eagle GT's for it. also the P.O. told me the car sits on newer 02-05 7 series 14 spoke rims. 18x8, and they currently wear a 245/40/R18. Damn. the Eagle GT's are 225/45/ZR18, so they ought to do quite well. the rims will go black as well as a few other bits and pieces, and i need to either paint the roof black or repaint and clear the factory gold. horrendous clearcoat failure, but just up there. decisions, decisions. Lol. $had3
  3. So on February 5th, I hung up the SHO for a while. It got to the point of Im tired of fighting the costly seesaw battle of being a project and daily driver. That, and the hub seal is ready to blow completely. So, at my new job, I and a friend of mine were talking, and he came right out and asked "dude, you want the BMW?" i couldnt say yes fast enough. So for $650.00, and some hassling with paperwork, I brought this home: Since date of purchase, ive tracked down parts to fix it, including a new decklid, as well as other parts like a glovebox, front drivers headlight bracketry, and other miscellaneous bits and pieces. hope to have this girl for a long time! also, thought about giving her a name as well. Its a girl, and Shes full blooded german. blonde hair and blue eyes. anyone got any ideas besides Helga? lol What yall think?? $had3
  4. Subscribed. reading this in between work and working on my bmw lol $hsad3
  5. I agree with Brian on this. not saying a word. if i speak ill regret it. $had3
  6. It was. Decided She needed new Clothes. hello Flat White! Are those Studless Winterforces i see?? Excellent Choice! $had3
  7. Remember when we used to do these? Take pictures of our cars in the snow and ice, for those who can lol. I spent a couple days with my kid friend who loves the SHO, and he wanted to come with. this is the result: a week later, I took a ride to fargo, and found him up there, and I had sally with lol. he wanted a pic with my girl: I look forward to more snow pics!! Hows the weather elsewhere? $had3
  8. http://fargo.craigslist.org/pts/4599338298.html 94 SHO with a cooling issue? hell that shouldnt be that hard to find out and fix. http://stcloud.craigslist.org/cto/4603612368.html Silver 98 V8. Wish i had it. itd be losing the body in favor of a sable or G4 taurus wagon body/ $had3
  9. Yep, still a kid at heart apparently... I decided on the night of July 31st, I'd make a Dakota run with my friend Jake. I usually do this as cigarettes by the carton are half of that I pay here. Wait till midnight till my pay goes into the bank (direct deposit), Load up and gas the car, grab a friend or three and blast to Fargo, usually a 2-3 hour ordeal. This time, we went up there and got our smokes, and decided to spend an hour at Perkins before heading back. Trip went excellent until about 5:00am... We have a new roundabout here in DL, at the intersection of Highway 59 North and Willow street. I have a SHO with good tires, and SARC, and I knew what I was doing... or so I thought. was doing 60 coming up on the roundabout, I slowed down to about 50, and went into the turn. everything was beautiful about halfway through when I felt the car lose traction in the back then the front. Too late to do anything, I slammed into the curb and bounced the car up onto the fresh sidewalk, feeling the car bottom out hardcore on the edge of the curb. I had enough time to look at my buddy and scream "Oh s**t!" and look back out the windshield. I look back out, and there is a brand new Crosswalk sign in my way. Rammed that sign at 35 or so. Mowed it right down. Ripped off the front license plate mount and launched the sign into the air. it was like a scene out of a Need for Speed game. I had the shade for the sunroof open, and i watched as the sign blasted the front bumper, take flight and fly over the car, clearing the whole car minus bouncing off the trunklid, missing my spoiler. it landed with a loud clang in the middle of the street, as we kept going. The oil pressure light immediately came on, I put it in neutral and killed it, coasting at 20, rolling back off the sidewalk and curb out onto the shoulder of the road. We came to a halt about 250 or so feet away from point of impact. We got out, I was immediately greeted with the smell of Mercon V and Trop-Arctic 5w30, as smoke is pouring out of the wheel wells, grille and under the front end. In shock from what had just occurred, I thought i had just totalled the SHO. Looking underneath, I discover the oil pan is nowhere to be found and the car was hemorrhaging Tranny fluid from a decent size hole in the Trans pan. Called local PD, officer came out and took pics, and informed us that I was the first one to have an accident on this new roundabout. I asked for a tow, got the car home, grabbed the 97 sable, and took my friend home, both of us wondering how stupid i was. Got back to the house, and started diagnosis. this is what followed: Discovered that the base of the sign is what shattered the oil pan. This morning I decided to grab all the pieces i could and try to piece it back together: Ye, thats whats left of my oil pan. whats missing is still attached to the bottom of the engine. Parts now required and fast are a new oil pan and new trans pan, as well as a front bumper cover, oil and new mercon 5. Working on a deal with QuinnSHO. one bumper cover in trade for two pans. The lesson here is :SLOW THE HELL DOWN. just because you think you have a fast car with good handling, doesnt mean your the best driver. I also didnt take into account that it had stormed while we were gone, and the road was wet. Time to start fixing in time for the meet. Ill update this with progress as it is made. $had3
  10. Ok. So I have a proposal for a meet, and im still working on times. all in theory, I could have everyone who would be attending meet up in Detroit lakes in the morning sometime, either at my house or in town at the local park. as we are waiting for one another we could shoot the breeze for a bit with who is there. once we are all here, we could cruise to Fargo, and either grab something to eat right away, or work up an appetite over at 7th Avenue Auto Salvage, and then go out. Ton of places to eat, and a couple yards to hit, if we would like that. After our hitting Fargo up, We can go back to DL, where I have a few places if we want, we can shoot some very nice pics. Let me know what yall think. we have time to get a nice plan in order. $had3
  11. Excellent, another Fargo member! Welcome, friend! Frankensteining sables, huh? Got experience in that department. My 00 Sable, we call Sally: $had3
  12. Gentlemen (tips hat) as of currently, Lets shoot for the 16th of August. Its a saturday, about a month from now. Thats the date. (be back, need to grill some steaks right quick) $had3
  13. Uff da, I need a cigarette...

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