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  1. LOUDSHO92

    Is SHOFORUM Pooched?

    I got in just fine.
  2. LOUDSHO92

    1993 Taurus Rear Strut Removal

    You get to the bolts from the trunk. No need to remove the seat.
  3. LOUDSHO92

    Brake Problems

    When doing the rear struts I never, removed the ABS sensor or brake pressure control valve. Both stayed in. Just make sure to not stretch any wires. As for the calipers I am not sure why they moved. There should of been nothing moving them. There are tools for doing the rear brakes that compress and turn at the same time. It does take a good amount of force to get them in. If you torn the boot then either replace or get a rebuild kit.
  4. LOUDSHO92

    Fabulous Fords

    Fabulous Fords is going on April 17th: http://fabulousfordsforever.org/
  5. LOUDSHO92

    Wtb- 88 Wagon Parts

    Okay he does want it. Please pull it with all fasteners. Let me know the cost so I can collect from him. I will pay as soon as possible. I will PM you his address so you can quote shipping. Thank you this has made him very happy.
  6. LOUDSHO92

    Wtb- 88 Wagon Parts

    Thank you Double Negative. I will see if my customer wants it. Let me know the cost. Will you be willing to ship to Europe?
  7. LOUDSHO92

    Wtb- 88 Wagon Parts

    The wagon is a very nice 1988 Taurus LX wagon and it is in Europe. He has taken great care of it so the parts need to be in good shape. I would rather get parts from the community then some junkyard that may not handle them as nicely. The customer is willing to pay for it. Use lots of tape and bubble wrap. If you can get a roof rack let me know as this is what I really need. The stereo is a basic unit with cassette but I found someone to rebuild it so I may go that route. Still if anyone has a good condition stereo it will help on shipping.
  8. LOUDSHO92

    Wtb- 88 Wagon Parts

    I am trying to help an international customer in finding some parts for their 1988 Taurus Wagon. I need a AM/FM Cassette Radio. I will take even it if it is not working. Factory Roof Rack with fasteners. Please let me know what you have.
  9. LOUDSHO92

    Belt Tensioner Snapped And The Hex Bolt Is Stripped

    I would maybe suggest having a hex key welded to the bolt and use that to remove it. Consider both scrap.
  10. We do offer an LED string: http://www.shosource.com/catalog/product_info.php?cPath=61_7_14&products_id=251
  11. LOUDSHO92

    Rotor Upgrade Options

    That setup holds up very well to racing situations. If you need better brakes then go with better pads. We can source 4 piston calipers but they will cost you.
  12. LOUDSHO92

    Rotor Upgrade Options

    Yes it is a common upgrade for the SHO's. Must have 94/95 knuckles for the Gen1/2. Gen3 on up works. You have to re-drill the rotors. We offer a kit: http://www.shosource.com/catalog/product_info.php?cPath=61_23_19&products_id=10
  13. LOUDSHO92

    Oil Pan Spring

    With just a regular drill and hand tools you can install a heli coil or a larger bolt as Angrod suggested.
  14. LOUDSHO92

    Oil Pan Spring

    I wouldn't use either. They are not meant for hot oil applications and will probably fail with catastrophic proportions. 3 days is no test. That is not that expensive for a pan. If that is too much then having a shop re-drill will be too much for you. In the stock location you do get all the oil out and there is a channel generally at the plug location anyways. A Heli coil or re-tapping for a larger plug are very economical options that would only run around $10. Is there a reason why you don't want to?
  15. LOUDSHO92

    Oil Pan Spring

    Sounds like the stripped thread. Threads when they strip tend to look like a spring. Sounds like someone over tightened.