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  1. Nevermind I see the problem now that I took off the access panel under the steering wheel. The throttle wire did break off the top off the pedal. It's going to be a pain to replace it as I'm a big dude and the driver seat is stuck and won't move. If anybody has any tips on how to get a good position to get access to the top of the pedal area, I would be greatful.
  2. How many cables are there? I only see one thick cable attached to the accelerator pedal and it's not broken from what I can see.
  3. Hello I have a 2001 Ford Taurus Wagon and a couple days ago while I was driving the accelerator pedal suddenly stopped working. The pedal has no resistance to it anymore and just stays pressed to the floor. If I try to move it back in position, the pedal returns to the floor. I've checked the throttle wire and it had come off from the throttle and was loose. The wire wasn't broken at all from what I can tell, it just came out of the hole on the throttle. I put it back on and the pedal still refuses to work at all and stays on the floor. I tried following the wire from the throttle to whe
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