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  1. Whoops. That might be floating around my parents garage.....
  2. My new home: Littleton, NH has an explorer interceptor :-)
  3. the three has none, no scratches except on the rear bumper from moving they are super duper tiny from the HUGE TV i had in my hatch - I might get the factory bumper gaurds in which it'll cover them up. The car just rolled over 7,000k and I got in July with 38 miles on it.
  4. all new cars look the same? I have to disagree. and if anything - the 3 drives better than most in it's segiment. notice I didn't say it was the fastest - but it just DRIVES right.
  5. I'm slightly confused....you're using the Porsche as a commuter car, and not the Taurus?
  6. looks? yes because when I'm racing I want to have the prettiest engine
  7. It's hard to find a good one of those, because most hang onto them :-/
  8. What about this? http://www.autotrader.com/cars-for-sale/vehicledetails.xhtml?zip=01007&endYear=2013&modelCode1=SABLE&startYear=2008&makeCode1=MERC&searchRadius=75&listingId=324203798&Log=0
  9. Oh oh! Look at the last gen Milan - I think they're sexy
  10. My mom didn't like the fusion, not enough hip room for her. She wanted a mustang, but AWD, I told her to look at the ECO SHO and it was a match made in heaven. Obviously you're not in the market for a SHO, but I would definitely give the fusion sport a look :-)
  11. I *saw* my old 2004 SEL today. Was a bit baffled because the guy said he was moving to Portland, OR, which is why he wanted a bigger/more comforable car. It was definitely mine - GT black out in front and back
  12. I will be in Warwick on Thursday...
  13. I've had it officially a month and four days, 3,056 miles. So far I've done tint. I do plan on getting some gloss black vinyl done. Also might go down to this shop in NY and get the head lights/tail lights taken apart and de-chromed.
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