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  1. Soon to be unemployed. For the last 13 months I've been managing an auto repair shop owned by my long time friend, Joaquin. He's run his shop for the last 20 years after taking over for his father, who still works there. Joaquin and I have been friends since junior high. His father gave me my first legitimate job sweeping floors in the garage during the summer in high school. His family are some of the most honest and humble people I've ever met, and the operate an honest, family auto repair business. Joaquin and I have talked about opening another location for a long time and last February that became a reality. I left my career in radiology to open and manage the second garage in south Austin. It was a slow start but I established a good customer base and solid reputation in the neighborhood. There is a lot of competition in the area and I managed to pull many customers from the other repair shops. However, the long commute and hours were taking a toll on me and my family life. I continued to work every Sunday in the Emergency Room to supplement my income. Our son is turning 1 year old in 2 weeks. 6 days a week of 16 hour days is too much. I only get to see my kid 1 day a week. Joaquin also has a 18 month old and understands my situation. He would do anything to help, as I would for him. So, I requested to return to full time at the ER, where I make more money working only 3-4 days a week. Done deal, rehired. Began making arrangements to find my replacement for the garage. The Monday following my rehire, the facility announced that it will be closing the doors in 60 days. F$@#€£¥%*K....... I really enjoy the company and facility I currently work for. I do not want to return to the big hospital setting. I'd take another pay cut as well. I've sent out applications but everything is "under review" nearly a month since I applied. Yesterday was my last day at the garage. Had my busiest week since we opened. Some of my repeat customers, upon hearing of my impending leave, decided to bring their cars in for service before I was gone. It was nice to feel appreciated and valued. My replacement was scheduled to train with me, and no-call / no-showed. Not sure what happened there. Joaquin will make it work, but it's gonna hinder the current growth in the business. I have no professional background in auto repair or running a business, but Joaquin believed enough in me and I was motivated to succeed for him. I can pick up a few shifts a month at another ER in town with the same company. Considering getting a small camper to haul around the state and work at other facilities in the company. If I can get 12 shifts a month, I'll be ok and still get more time with the family. We shall see......
  2. Several changes to the car line up at my house. Some may recall I sold the '05 MB C230K. Dude wrecked it. Went to jail before paying remainder of balance. I never released the title, and the car is back in my possession. He has called from jail several times and claims he still wants to pay off the car once he is out. Too late dude. '12 VW SportWagen was returned to VW. Part of the "diesel-gate scandal". VW paid me $16k for the car with 155k miles, dents on every panel, and cracked windshield. No deductions were taken from the total price. '08 Volvo XC90 was totaled, again... Back in November the wife hit a deer and smashed the front end. Second time this has happened in 18 months. Body shop submitted estimate to insurance and it was going to be totaled. So, the resubmitted the estimate and got the job. Took longer than expected and once we got it back in January, things were not right. They stated they had trouble sourcing a hood and problems with the latch. The previous body shop also stated problems with the latch and they replaced it twice. We were unable to coordinate a time to return the vehicle. I warned my wife of the potential for the hood to fly up. Following an oil change, where the shop noted the faulty latch, the hood flew up at 65 mph, with our 10 month old son and 18 yo niece in the car. My wife remained calm and pulled off the highway safely. This time insurance sent their own adjuster out. He totaled the vehicle. Basically all it needed was a hood and windshield. The car was in excellent condition overall. Gap insurance covered us. I couldn't afford $3100 to buy it back. So wife got a replacement ride.... 2014 MB C250, certified pre-owned, 16k miles, one owner lease from Beverly Hills, CA. Unlimited mileage warranty through 2022. I'm driving the '99 SVTC 3L. Just rolled 100k miles.
  3. Petroleum based.... I dunno if fracking is performed on underwater oil drills.... but that would be my guess.
  4. Fuel pump in the '99 SVT Contour died unexpectedly. Drove an hour and a half to work. No problem... I was low of fuel and planned to refuel at lunch time. Go to lunch, car starts and dies... won't restart. Not enough pressure to even register on the gauge. Pump was already compromised. I installed it a few years ago. Motorcraft unit. The car sat for at least a year with a full tank of gas. That new fuel pump had maybe 100 miles on it and it quit. I removed the pump, soaked it in PB Blaster overnight, and it's been working fine since. I noticed that the rubber had turned all squishy though. I believe this is from ethanol. So, running the pump on an empty tank, in a return fuel system... not a good idea. Drove the shop truck home and to the ER for shifts this weekend. '91 F150 XLT green and tan. Extended cab 5.0L. It was donated to the shop by a friend, very good condition for its age. Needed the engine rebuilt. Runs very well now. Looks like the t-stat is stuck open or got left out after the rebuild. Temp never gets to normal, stays just above the C. Has a plug in the sidewall of the right front tire. No speedometer.
  5. Sold the Mercedes. Younger guy, seems motivated, wants a reliable car so he can get to work and help his family get to work. Worst decision ever. Day 1. New owner calls, "where's the spare tire? Had to swerve to avoid a drunk driver. Hit a curb and cut the tire." Unused spare and tools are in the trunk. Day 2. "Can't get the gear shift into reverse (6 speed manual). Car got towed and the cops sabotaged my car." Day 3. "Car got impounded. Getting it out." Day 4. "Um, the sun was in my eyes, and I hit a guard rail. So I pulled over. The tow truck driver ripped the wheel off when he was loading it." Car will not engage reverse. Just grinds when letting the clutch out. Right front fender is kinked and headlamp pushed back. Left front wheel is cracked and bent. Tie rod is broken. Control arm is bent. Ball joint is popped out. Left rear wheel is bent, tie rod bent. Running rough. Found a broken check valve on the brake booster. Suspect it broke from the impact with the guard rail. Worst part. He had it towed back to my shop. So I get to look at it everyday.
  6. Replaced the high pressure port on the A/C in the '96 SHO, vacuumed, recharged... good to go. I
  7. It gets better. Wife wrecked the Volvo XC90 on Tuesday. Not her fault. Large buck wanted to play tag. Crunched hood, drivers fender and door. Body shop is calling it totaled. 2008 3.2 AWD with 128k in excellent condition. Wife gets a rental car. Chevy Cruze. Gets a speeding ticket same day.
  8. Selling my '05 Mercedes Benz C230 Kompressor. Love the car, nothing wrong with it. 31mpg on the highway and very good handling. 150k miles. Eventually the clutch is gonna need to be replaced. I've never even changed the serpentine belt. But one less car in the horde and sooner or later we plan to replace it with a newer car. Money from the sale is going towards FINALLY getting the '96 SHO legal. Plan to make the SHO my daily for a while... probably gonna drive the '99 SVT Contour too.... depending on which one is running from day to day. I just feel like I have these cars sitting around my house and I'm never gonna get to drive them or spend time on them, so what better way then to sell the good running car and force these guys into the daily rotation. 195k miles on the SHO when the cam failed. Now has a swapped used head and welded cams. We shall see how reliable the car is with my 3 hours of daily commuting....
  9. Wife ran over our cat this week. Only dislocated her hip, but required surgery to re-locate. We were given the option for a veterinary orthopedic specialist to come out and repair the joint for $2500 or let the vet butcher surgically remove the head of the femur for $800. Sorry Freckles (the cat), but you're gonna have to spend one of those 9 lives and live without a hip joint...... she's recovering well. When speaking with the vet, I asked "Since you are opening up the hip, why can't you clean out the clots and relocate the hip? Why does this require a specialist?" Her answer was "it's outside of my comfort level." We've been using this vet for a few years, and really nice lady. Been great with our animals, but her response and reluctance to even attempt was very disappointing to me.
  10. I'm in Phoenix about twice a year. I'll hit you up next time we go. The Arizona dry heat is so much more tolerable than the humidity here in south / central Texas. Yeah it's 110 in Phoenix but only 102 in Austin. But the heat index is 105 with no humidity while its 115 in Austin. Miserable.
  11. looks much better with Centenials
  12. Car was gone when I passed yesterday evening. They probably didn't take more than $750 for it. It was in my little town. I'm sure some one snatched it up for a song.
  13. I also have a boring 70 mile commute, 6 days a week, from my little town into Austin. Occasionally, there is some excitement. While I'm cruising through a popular lakeside club area where the speed drops to 60mph, a green Dodge Ram with Colorado handicapped plates, comes up from behind very fast. The truck is tailgating and passing other drivers at 80+. I can hear the engine screaming as it passes. It's a Friday evening and traffic is heavy, the road is rolling and curvy. I see an opportunity to creep up beside the Dodge and prevent it from changing lanes again. Meanwhile, the truck tailgates the little crossover in the left lane going 65mph. The truck didn't notice my block move, begins to swerve into my lane, and corrects before making contact. I hold my line, tightly. Eventually, the crossover relents, moves over and allows the truck to pass. The Dodge screams ahead again. A few minutes later, we are passing an intersection where much of the traffic turns off. My commute takes me straight. The truck is going the same direction. Speed limit increases to 65mph here. The truck accelerates again and I match it's speed at 80mph, with lots of distance. The truck realizes I'm following and slams on the brakes!!! I'm far enough behind that I don't even need to slow down, hit my turn signal, change lanes and pass. Brake check fail! So I reduce my speed to a conservative 75mph as the speed limit changes to 70mph. The truck decides to stay far behind and cruise. About 10 minutes later I'm coming up to another highway intersection where I turn off. I see a Sheriff's car going the other direction and notice he's turning around... "Great," I think to myself, "this f#$%er is gonna get the last laugh as I get a speeding ticket (for 5 over?!)". The Sheriff catches up to me, turns on his lights, we pull over.... and the green truck pulls in behind the officer. The officer approaches, introduces himself, and states he received a report of a near collision. He only has details from dispatch and he will get both sides of the story. I tell him I was considering calling as well after the truck brake checked me. He takes my license and approaches the driver of the green truck. He collects another license and returns to his car. A moment later he's talking to the truck driver again. Several minutes pass. The truck drives off. The officer returns and says, "Well, how do I put this? She's very cut and dry. She thought something happened and took it upon herself to take action. She wanted to press charges. I explained that you have just as much right and are likely to also press charges. She calmed down." What he said next made me laugh. "The only thing that's worse, is when they are further north." He returned my license, shook my hand, and said goodbye. And the one time I didn't have the dashcam in the car!!! This is why I bought one, for all the dumb shit I witness on a daily basis.
  14. 65k miles. Very clean. Missing the lower bumper cover valance. No trim badge on the back. Didn't look under the hood. Note on the windshield lists so recent services and new parts. Zero rust (Texas car). Note on the window says "Make offer." I'm tempted to do just that.
  15. could it be a splash shield rubbing the crank pulley? Where in Texas are you located?