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  1. I asked myself that question many times. And would do it again.
  2. Weak voltage output. Random electrical issues. Dying battery. Typically an alternator will just suddenly die, but sometimes they will linger on a little while with the above symptoms. When the alternator does suddenly, you may or may not get a burning smell, either from the belt slipping on a locked pulley or the diodes burning up in the regulator. The battery light on the instrument cluster will illuminate. If the output is just weak, you may not get the battery light, but the battery may act as if it's on the way out. Anytime you perform a battery or alternator test, make sure the battery is fully charged before you begin.
  3. https://sanantonio.craigslist.org/cto/6044555776.html Asking a bit much, but nice white on white.
  4. Prior to my wife's Volvo being totaled, I was considering this car at a near by dealership. It's been on the lot a while now. Looks like one can add many of the civilian features back into the car that are simply turned off in the cop models. Blacked out https://austin.craigslist.org/ctd/6067927758.html
  5. I posted the C230 for sale. I'm not expecting to sell it, really. I just needed to make a point to the deadbeat buyer. https://austin.craigslist.org/cto/6078510743.html
  6. Had a similar issue on a Honda Civic. A grommet for the parking brake cable had popped out from behind the fender allowing water to puddle in the driver's floor board.
  7. Repo'd the '05 C230K tonight. Buyer didn't come through with remaining balance so, too bad, car is mine. Still registered in my name. Drives like shit. Steering wheel at 10 o'clock. Skips sideways over bumps. All four wheels have curb damage. Front left control arm bushings rattle loudly over small bumps. Right rear has too much negative camber while left rear has too much positive. Shift knob is busted. Shifter pops out of reverse, effectively no reverse gear at all. Not sure if I'll fix it or scrap it yet.
  8. Adding dye to both systems was stupid. Pick the one most likely to be the source and add dye only to that system. If the leak continues and you find dye, you can rule out the other, and vice versa. And if the leak is bad enough to leave drops on the driveway, you only need to drive a day or two before re-inspecting. Otherwise, too much mess and it's impossible to locate the source.
  9. Seller agreed to $500. I made a plans to go pick it up tonight but they fell through. Seller updated me and said the car was sold.
  10. Having rode in Rudy's car, I can attest that his Vulcan had the ever allusive "moar powah". Rudy was a very large man and his Gen 2 Vulcan would keep pace with my tuned '99 SE Duratec.
  11. It would, no doubt. I have the '96 SHO, which I still have not put back on the road, just needs the title transferred and registered with the state. I'm gambling on the vent tube being clogged. $15 fix. If so, 44k Vulcan with a little maintenance will run a very long time.
  12. https://austin.craigslist.org/cto/6060386063.html Asking $800. Says it pukes fluid from the dipstick. Tranny shop told them the vent tube is clogged and needs the trans removed and rebuilt to replace it. I'm arranging a time to go look at it.
  13. Talking to a Nissan salesman recently and he said the new Pathfinder is very polarizing product. The people who owned the truck based model won't get near the current crossover. Buyers looking at crossovers tend to love it.
  14. Soon to be unemployed. For the last 13 months I've been managing an auto repair shop owned by my long time friend, Joaquin. He's run his shop for the last 20 years after taking over for his father, who still works there. Joaquin and I have been friends since junior high. His father gave me my first legitimate job sweeping floors in the garage during the summer in high school. His family are some of the most honest and humble people I've ever met, and the operate an honest, family auto repair business. Joaquin and I have talked about opening another location for a long time and last February that became a reality. I left my career in radiology to open and manage the second garage in south Austin. It was a slow start but I established a good customer base and solid reputation in the neighborhood. There is a lot of competition in the area and I managed to pull many customers from the other repair shops. However, the long commute and hours were taking a toll on me and my family life. I continued to work every Sunday in the Emergency Room to supplement my income. Our son is turning 1 year old in 2 weeks. 6 days a week of 16 hour days is too much. I only get to see my kid 1 day a week. Joaquin also has a 18 month old and understands my situation. He would do anything to help, as I would for him. So, I requested to return to full time at the ER, where I make more money working only 3-4 days a week. Done deal, rehired. Began making arrangements to find my replacement for the garage. The Monday following my rehire, the facility announced that it will be closing the doors in 60 days. F$@#€£¥%*K....... I really enjoy the company and facility I currently work for. I do not want to return to the big hospital setting. I'd take another pay cut as well. I've sent out applications but everything is "under review" nearly a month since I applied. Yesterday was my last day at the garage. Had my busiest week since we opened. Some of my repeat customers, upon hearing of my impending leave, decided to bring their cars in for service before I was gone. It was nice to feel appreciated and valued. My replacement was scheduled to train with me, and no-call / no-showed. Not sure what happened there. Joaquin will make it work, but it's gonna hinder the current growth in the business. I have no professional background in auto repair or running a business, but Joaquin believed enough in me and I was motivated to succeed for him. I can pick up a few shifts a month at another ER in town with the same company. Considering getting a small camper to haul around the state and work at other facilities in the company. If I can get 12 shifts a month, I'll be ok and still get more time with the family. We shall see......