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  1. So the car has been parked for over a year with 3/4 tank of gas. Fuel pump had gone bad when I parked it. Fortunately, I had added some fuel stabilizer before I parked it, knowing it was gonna sit for a little while (a lotta while). Finally got tired of the weeds growing up around it and no time or money to drop the fuel tank. Cut a hole! So much easier. Took about an hour all total. I noticed the old pump has already been messed with before. The ring around the tank seal was mangled and the top of the pump was broken from someone prying on it. New pump in, fired right up.
  2. The 3.4L block uses the same diameter pistons (and rods) from the 2.5L Duratec. IIRC the SHO pistons are flat top whereas the Duratec pistons are dished. Since the rods are shared with the Duratec 2.5 and 3.0, I always thought it would be cool to bore and sleeve the 3.4L and use Duratec 3.0 pistons for a 4.0L SHO.
  3. I think these cars are just prone to inner tire wear. Any part of the suspension or steering is worn, you’re gonna get inner tire wear. Even worn subframe bushings. 2-3 years is a reasonable expectation between alignments before components wear out and advance tire wear. You can drill the spot welds and cut the little tabs to allow an extra few tenths of a degree of camber adjustment.
  4. Our old first gen Scion xB had the 1NZ-FE engine, basically a 1.5L version the 1.8L 1ZZ-FE. For such a small car and engine bay, there is ample room to work (exception being the accessory belt). Prior to the xB my wife drove an Echo with the same 1.5L. Both cars remained in the care of mature family members and each have well over 300k with basic maintenance. The Echo was taken out by a deer last summer. Excellent little engines.
  5. Got pulled over for speeding last night. Driving through a small town, speed limit 55mph. This older Toyota Tundra is tailgating the F150 in the right lane. I’m in the left lane, about even with the F150 when the Tundra begins tailgating me. Speed limit increases to 65mph as we leave town. The F150 and I both get up to 65~70mph. Tundra is still on my ass, looking as though he will go into the oncoming lane to pass me. After a moment of this, I decide to put some distance between us and mash the throttle. As I'm watching Tundra headlights shrink in my rear view, I notice the brake lights of a late model Dodge Charger illuminate in the opposite lane of traffic. State Troopers drive Chargers. FFUUUUHHHHH.... I start looking for somewhere to safely pull over before he’s even completed turning around, his red and blues are flashing. Trooper approached from the passenger side “Everything OK?” I explain why I was speeding. He asks “Were you aware of your speed?” No sir. “I clocked you at 112.” D’oh!!!! He made some chit chat, as cops always do. Nice gentleman. He asked about where I worked, a nearby hospital, learned we were both in the Army. He said he couldn’t let me off without a citation considering my speed but he did type a nice comment on the ticket, stating I was evading a tailgater and gave me extra time to take care of the ticket with a friendly judge. Fair enough. He says, “If there’s any consolation prize for this, it’s that you are the fastest car I’ve pulled over in my 10 years of patrolling this stretch of highway. I’m not counting sport bikes, but cars, you’re the fastest.” We both laugh. I reply to him that my wife won’t find it that funny, and mention she’s a 911 dispatcher for the county. The trooper turns his head for moment, looks back at me and asks “Who’s your wife?” I tell him her name. He replies, “Hand that back to me, all of it, just hand it back. Watch your speed, thank your for your service, and have a good night.” I didn’t name drop to get out of the ticket, I had already signed and accepted it. As I began to pull away he hollers to wait. He walks back to the driver’s side and says “I turned off my camera. If anyone asks, you got a ticket. Good night.” Yes sir!
  6. Hauled my ‘96 SHO back to my house from the shop in south Austin that I was previously managing. The battery has a dead cell but engine started easily with a jump box. It’s been sitting outside the shop for the last year. Now that it’s home, I hope to be able to get it road legal. We need a back up car, but I just wanna hear that V8 purr.
  7. Hauled my ‘05 Benz C230 to my buddy’s shop to have the transmission linkage checked out. The 6 speed manual will not stay in reverse. Also looking at suspension damage, also caused by the previous owner before the vehicle was repo’d. It may turn out to be too expensive to fix.
  8. I think Brad, our ‘97 Taurus-wagon-turned-truck that we use around the property, is gonna be put out to pasture (I guess it’s kinda been out to pasture, now it’s headed for the slaughterhouse). It’s had a slight misfire for the last 6 months. I kinda suspect a failed head gasket. It never runs long enough to overheat, but it has consumed coolant. Today I noticed transmission fluid leaking from one of the metal lines along the front of the subframe. This was a northern car, so it has some rust. I paid $400 for it about 4 years, it had a major crack in the transmission case. Since I sawzall’d the back half off to make it a truck, it has been quite handy hauling logs, rocks, and trash around he property. Mable, the ‘05 Sable needs a fuel pump. I parked it last year, and that’s the last time it started. I hear nothing from the pump when the key is turned.
  9. https://www.blipshift.com/products/fo-sho Today and tomorrow only!
  10. Parked outside my ER last night. This is the type of clientele we get in west Austin. Young woman in her 20's with a cough. Just parked in the fire lane with hazards on for about 2 hours before it got moved.
  11. My wife names all the cars. Here are Heinrich and Heidi.
  12. Ack... too easy! Yes. We found her a 2010 X5 xDrive35d Sport. iDrive gave it away. The diesel engine is louder than expected for a "luxury" car. Only during acceleration, cruising is silent. But it sounds like an F-350 at times. Very responsive... for a diesel and a BMW. Virtually no turbo or throttle lag. Handles great. I thought her Volvo XC90 handled well for a tank. The BMW feels like it has a lower center of gravity. Cornering is nearly flat. This iteration of iDrive isn't terrible, and fairly similar to the Mercedes COMAND system she is already used to. Moonroof is massive. Power liftgate. Navigation without the high end audio system. Tow hitch. 92k miles. All services performed by the dealer. Local car, former lease. Paid $15k out the door, about $1500-2000 under blue book. We looked at another with the same mileage, about $500 more, with a couple additional features. It was gross. The dealer claimed it was "mint". It had a leaky AC condenser, bald tires, bad paint, worn buttons, and the dealer didn't even bother to detail it. He wouldn't budge on the price either. We found the car we bought about 3 hours away. Very nice salesman. Very clean car. I couldn't find many complaints or mechanical concerns for these cars. Seems like a pretty good value considering this was a $60k car in 2010. My friend owns a 535d with a JBD tuner. Claims to add 60hp and 100hp. Already know what the first mod is gonna be.
  13. The Mrs decided she needed an SUV for her and the baby. The Mercedes C250 is very tight with a car seat and all the baby's junk, that's our only complaint with the purchase. She started looking at Tahoes and eventually began a full out assault to convince we needed another car. She got her way and I got her left overs. Pics to come of the new ride (not a Tahoe), meanwhile, I get a nice replacement for the Contour. Anyone care to wager a guess on the new vehicle? Here's a couple hints. 6cyl Diesel engine, vehicle assembled in the US, potentially the most criticized infotainment system on the market over the last two decades.
  14. Whew! AC in the Contour is working again. It's summer in central Texas and it doesn't appear very professional showing up to work with massive sweat stains covering your back and legs. Perforated leather doesn't really help. I was changing into my work clothes (scrubs) once I got to work. I recharged the system about a year ago. I barely used the AC through the cooler months, only long enough to defrost the windshield. The temperature control, despite the hot/cold color gradient on the dial, has only two settings.... hot or cold. The system took 1 can exactly and now it's freezing me out on my way to work. And with my windows rolled up, I can actually enjoy my stereo again.
  15. Take the fat alternator wire from another car at the salvage yard. It's already got the terminals and it's the perfect length. Remove the nut on the alternator terminal and attach the new wire. Route it beside the existing wire. And connect it to the power distribution box next to the battery. I don't think it's necessary to replace the positive wire from the battery to the power distribution box. The alternator feeds all power to the system when the vehicle is running. Improve your ground from the battery to the fender and add another ground from chassis to engine block. Try to keep them under 18". The positive terminal on the power distribution box is also a good place to connect your positive lead for a heavy duty headlight harness.
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