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  1. Happy Birthday Rudy.

  2. You were way better than this forum deserved.

  3. With my brother’s death I am left with a lot of little projects unfinished or not being used. One is our Escort Lemons car. I need to get rid of it. If you know of anyone that wants it and will give me more than the scrap metal price for it. I will let it go cheap. 4cyl. 5 speed car runs and drives like a thrid string quaterback. The only thing I want off of it is the seat. If I can’t find anyone to sell it to I am going to trailer it and yank the wheels and seat and scrap it. I am going to be sending this offer out to a bunch of other people that I know that might be interested so let me know as soon as you can. Here some pretty pictures, it doesnt quite look this good anymore!
  4. This is Steve, Thankyou all for the wonderfull comments I will pass along more information about memorial arrangements as they are finalized, He will be missed verry much!
  5. Rudy, you will be missed.

  6. This is what failed on mine several years ago. I rebuilt it myself for around $900. broken spring ans sheared pump shaft new vs. old
  7. Ours would tell us to put Tobasco on ours so we wouldn't bite nails. All you had to do was wait for dinner and get some beans of the end of each, it was good after that.
  8. You could always make one I suppose. Get a long bolt that fits, a couple of washers and nuts, then a piece of flat bar. Drill it just big enough for the bolt and use it like a power steering pulley remover/installer. Might work....might not.
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