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  1. I just bought an installation kit for my 99 Taurus and had my deck hooked up all in the front, but when it came to connecting the wires in the trunk it seemed like I had the incorrect terminal to connect to the box. It doesn’t fit in any of the three places except the one but it is a male end not a female end I guess, unless I’m missing something entirely. Can someone please help me!!!!
  2. So I bought an installation kit and hooked everything up in the front for power for the new deck, but when it came to connecting the extension wires in the trunk the terminal to connect to the box didn’t fit anywhere on any of the three places, and I think it is a male end and I was told I would need a female end to hook into, but I have no clue why it would be the wrong piece, or if someone can please tell me where it goes?
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