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  1. Trevor

    Hi Everyone

    Congratulations, Rusty!
  2. Good to see you're removing some of the bans. (Edited because edited )
  3. I blame the spawn of Snookie. Such a large amount of damage. It was kind of weird though how some spots got slammed, while 20-40 miles away there was little change in the weather. We had some snow flurries one morning, but the county to the southeast of us got 13".
  4. Saw a Centennial in the wild for the first time Wednesday. Looked like it was well kept too

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    2. tRus03


      I get to see a Centennial every day! lol

    3. Brian_05_SEL
    4. Trevor


      Hey that's not fair - yours isn't wild! lol

  5. Not that I support striking a woman, but she put everybody on that bus' life in danger (+ any person/vehicle nearby) when she assaulted the driver of a moving vehicle. (Female was 25 by the way)
  6. Got to take the boss's kart for a ride today. It looks slow in the video (probably a lot to do with recording from the turn - whoops) but it was running close to 40mph before the turns, and there was still some left. The turn I was standing at is flat and pretty bumpy, so all 4 tires would be bouncing. Pretty cool - especially since it's older than me lol The boss gave us 2 rules: #1 - Don't hit the wall. #2 - If you hit the wall, you'd better run like hell.
  7. Glad you're ok, Roach. Hopefully you've got some witnesses for court.
  8. I bet an internet cookie the owner has a matching tramp stamp!
  9. Dennis! Yuengling Octoberfest! That is all
  10. Coincidentally, a somewhat common mod on Cobalts is to move the seat release latches to inside the cabin http://www.yourcobalt.com/forums/install-guides-diy/23704-how-relocate-back-seat-release-handles.html
  11. Trevor

    Freedom Fondle

    Haha! Ya know, if they advertised it as "Fly American Airlines and get fondled for free" people would have been much less pissed about it! Uh Merr ica! f**k yeah! ******' Freedom!
  12. Hey I made a passing video too!
  13. Got her waxed up a couple of days ago. It's raining now, of course
  14. Trevor


    Indeed boobs. Why are they called a Boob? (bear with me on the font, you get the idea) B | oo | b Top view, front view, and side view
  15. I didn't know the new Bulls had wedge and trackbar adjustments in the back! Or that they were made by Chebby
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