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  1. Saw a Centennial in the wild for the first time Wednesday. Looked like it was well kept too

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    2. tRus03


      I get to see a Centennial every day! lol

    3. Brian_05_SEL
    4. Trevor


      Hey that's not fair - yours isn't wild! lol

  2. Al Capone's bulletproof 1928 Cadillac is going up for sale. Just saying, you know, if you wanted to...buy it for me? That'd be great. Kthx.

  3. Happy Easter, folks! :)

  4. Happy New Year! Now start counting down to the apocolypse -LOL

    1. Rusty
    2. Rusty
    3. Spridget


      Time to buy a Lincoln MKSt!! No payments after 12/12 :)

  5. Finally got to a car show today!

  6. Merry Christmas and be safe!

  7. And today I try my hand at wedding videography 0.0

  8. I hate acorns. Car looks like it went through a hail storm: about 5 dings on the roof, 4 on the hood, and 1 on the trunk. :(

  9. Just realized I missed driving my car while on vacation. Odd.

    1. Zorin


      You could have rented a Taurus!

    2. Trevor


      I should have! A 6th gen. would have been cool :)

  10. North Myrtle = happiness :)

    1. Bull Geek

      Bull Geek

      You're in North Myrtle Beach?

    2. Trevor
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