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  1. Trevor

    Hi Everyone

    Congratulations, Rusty!
  2. Good to see you're removing some of the bans. (Edited because edited )
  3. I blame the spawn of Snookie. Such a large amount of damage. It was kind of weird though how some spots got slammed, while 20-40 miles away there was little change in the weather. We had some snow flurries one morning, but the county to the southeast of us got 13".
  4. Saw a Centennial in the wild for the first time Wednesday. Looked like it was well kept too

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    2. tRus03


      I get to see a Centennial every day! lol

    3. Brian_05_SEL
    4. Trevor


      Hey that's not fair - yours isn't wild! lol

  5. Not that I support striking a woman, but she put everybody on that bus' life in danger (+ any person/vehicle nearby) when she assaulted the driver of a moving vehicle. (Female was 25 by the way)
  6. Got to take the boss's kart for a ride today. It looks slow in the video (probably a lot to do with recording from the turn - whoops) but it was running close to 40mph before the turns, and there was still some left. The turn I was standing at is flat and pretty bumpy, so all 4 tires would be bouncing. Pretty cool - especially since it's older than me lol The boss gave us 2 rules: #1 - Don't hit the wall. #2 - If you hit the wall, you'd better run like hell.
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