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  1. The parts should be here this week. In the meantime, I finally got around to wiring in the Windstar cluster. The only thing that isn't reading is the coolant gauge. Is the coolant temp sensor on the Windstar different from that of a Taurus with the digital dash? Everything else seems to be okay.
  2. Would that be something that would clunk when you let off the brakes? Either way, those have to be replaced, as they are original.
  3. It lives! And it's still clunking in the front. I feel like by the time I find out what the culprit is, this car will have an entirely new front end.
  4. Three bushings done, one to go. This one will require cutting the bolt off.
  5. Minor update: Got the rear drivers subframe bushing done. Rear passenger side bolt snapped. The fun continues...
  6. Has it really been this long? Haven't really done anything major to it except: replaced front windshield replaced both motor mounts acquired the rear seat from a 96 SHO to match the fronts replaced the alternator It's mainly been sitting for the past couple of years after going through a family issue back in 2014. Been driving around the 07 Saturn since then. The subframe mounts will need to get replaced before I'm comfortable putting it back on the road. Attempted to get them done, however the captive nut on one of them started spinning, so that'll be a whole project in itself.
  7. Update: Scored two rear window motors Still need to find source of clunk in the front end Need to trace down the source of my dash light fuse burning out Heater core may have to be flushed/replaced Of course, 14 hour weeks wont get these done any time soon.
  8. The SUV lights harness definitely makes a difference.
  9. Actually, Gen 2's are the best. It's not a GM product.
  10. Well, the rear view mirror came off earlier this week, taking a small chunk of glass with it. Also have to figure out the clunking under hard braking issue that popped up a while ago. On the brighter side, this might make its way in sometime in the future:
  11. Police grille with a new ford logo: Power antenna: Completed center shifter conversion: Leather shift knob: Before: After: 1997 SHO Seats: More to come later.
  12. Spoiler: CD Player: Slicers: LED Tails: Black leather steering wheel and hybrid Sable/Windstar cluster:
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