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  1. You can try http://www.car-part.com ....search under wiring harness/misc. electrical...and also search for all areas if your area doesn't have any.
  2. I replied to your message...like I said there...I don't really want to go much lower...one because its already a better deal than purchasing a new one...and two, I am in no hurry to sell it...I know my mother, who owns the car its in now, isn't going to miss it one way or another, so I wanted to give another Vulcan owner a chance to get the UDP without having to spend approx $210 new...if it had cost that much when I originally went to buy it, I wouldn't own it right now....I got it during a group buy, which allows me to re-sell at a low price, because I got it at a low price.
  3. Honestly, I was kinda just tossing the belt in...I was just looking for $120...When I bought it, it cost me $135 after shipping...so I'm trying to make the price the same for somebody else...considering that belt/pulley setup will cost $195 plus shipping (approx $15) now.
  4. I sold my 2004 Taurus to my parents...and I'm going to remove the underdrive pulley to sell on one of the forums. So if anybody is interested in purchasing it....I'm looking for $120 plus shipping and it comes with the belt. The pulley and belt have 13,000 miles on them. The pulley is also black. The cost NEW is $164.99 for the pulley and another $30 for the belt. If anybody is interested...let me know Shipping is from 03102.
  5. I believe the 04 service manual that I own refers to it as the IMRC. I remember looking for the name of it one day for somebody on TCCA a year or two ago...I never have seen it called the IMTV...but now I and others know it has a couple names...I wonder if the literature got changed for the 2005 manual?? My parents have the car and book now...so looking isn't as quick and easy as it used to be
  6. Some people who have used the 'oil filter gasket' as a replacement, eventually had to go back and install the correct OEM gasket. Something to keep in mind if the symptoms reoccur. Also, 'the device' is called the IMRC (intake manifold runner control)
  7. I'm gonna check when I fill up next...the window sticker said 14/20 but I feel its gonna be less...My Taurus was getting an average of 18-19 mpg when I lived 10 min away from work...then I moved 30 seconds away...and it dropped to like 14 mpg...The only thing I can attribute that to, is that the car was always getting a cold start because it rarely ever made it to full operating temp...so my guess is the computer is wasting gas heating up the cats...I may be wrong..but I kept that car in VERRRRY good condition
  8. Gas prices do stink right now...but I couldn't pass up the V8...I never owned one.
  9. I bought a Great Dane puppy in August of last year...and now he has out grown my faithful Taurus....So I had to sell it off to my parents and get a new vehicle...I stayed with FORD...and got this 2006 Explorer Limited V8...has 54k miles....has/does anybody else here own one...I'm trying to find out if there are any 'common problems' to look out for as I get to know the vehicle?
  10. According to these connector pin-outs, the 2001 and 2004 are not the same. From what I could tell from the other years, 2000-2003 are the same and 2004-2007 are the same.
  11. This is what I could find for removal instructions: BLOWN UP DIAGRAM The power seat motor is part of the seat track assembly. 1.Remove the seat assembly from the vehicle. 2.Place the seat upside down on a clean bench. 3.Remove the front safety belt buckle end from the front seat track. 4.Detach the seat regulator control switch from the seat regulator motor harness connector. 5.If equipped, disconnect the front seat back pad adjusting tubes. 6.Remove the front seat cushion side shield from the seat assembly. 7.Remove the two screws retaining the front seat back la
  12. http://fordauthority.com/2011/01/video-ford-tears-down-a-3-5l-ecoboost-v6/ If this is a repost, I apologize...but this is really cool.
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