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  1. Maybe it's a bad connection due to rusted or loose battery cables, not at the battery, but at the other end
  2. Have you had the battery tested? I would do that before I dug into other things. Auto parts stores do it for free
  3. Obviously not the problem since it was only 2 days😥
  4. My mom had the problem of not driving it often enough. How often do you drive it? The garage told her to drive it more often--nothing could be found wrong with it I put trickle chargers on cars I won't be driving for a month or more. I think all my cars won't start after sitting for over a month
  5. Just finished the EATC install. The outside air temp sensor (OAT) is needed. It wires in parallel to the cabin air temperature sensor (as Kevin pointed out above) and lowers the overall resistance in the circuit. Before I installed the OAT, the system only blew cold air on the lowest setting (60). If I raised the setting to 65 the air became very warm. Now that I have the OAT connected, moving the temp to 65 keeps cold air blowing as it should since it's 80 outside today. So I put an EATC in a 2006 SE from 2000 and 2004 Sables. The blend door and resistor are from a 2004 Sable, while the RCC is from the 2000. The wire harness is from the 2000 Sable since it had all the wires needed. To run the diagnostics, I had to connect the factory EATC controls which is what told me the OAT was needed. Then I could connect the Metra double din adapter. The diagnostics did not work with the Metra installed. And this is information for nobody, since everyone seems to have moved on to other cars...
  6. Thanks for asking. I got all that with the RCC from a 2004. Yes, I got it all again from the 2003. I decided to just try just installing the RCC (from 2003) with the other 2004 parts and it all works together. Thanks, taurusKev!. The 2003 RCC has the A/C on-demand output (pin 13) which is not duplicated in the 2004. So does anyone know how the 2004 RCC communicates to turn the A/C on. A friend thought the PCM might have to be reprogrammed I used a metra kit and put a double din touchscreen in also which was the main reason to go to the EATC. Now my radio has crapped out, its always something. Changed the connector and harness out for the radio and it worked for a few minutes then quit again. It's getting power and ground is good, but nothing happens on the screen. It's the first Pioneer I've had break in many years of installing them. Last year I took it to a Pioneer repair place west of Chicago, and they said it was fine, check my connector. So that's why I put a new harness in, but it seems the problem is in the radio
  7. Nevermind--went to LKQ and got one today. How do I delete this request?
  8. Have you found your RCU yet? I'll look for one while I'm looking for other parts if you still need one. Hopefully I'll be looking this week
  9. I'm in Illinois and am looking for a 2000-2003 Taurus RCC. I'm converting over to EATC and ran into the same problem others had. My RCC is from a 2004 Sable and does not directly control the A/C on demand signal with a discrete output. Price is negotiable... Or maybe you could point me to a junkyard that you know has an EATC equipped Taurus/Sable from that gen. Will travel to get it. Thanks
  10. I'm going thru Kevin's write-up and I think I understand it now. If you still want info, let me know. I'm doing this mod in my 2006 Bull
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