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  1. When I click CD, it just plays the CDs in the player. I do not hear any audio from my phone at all, even between songs. I actually ended up cutting the wires about a centimeter from the 20 pin connector on the ICP and spliced in because I could get the wires out of the connector. Do I need to burn a blank CD?
  2. Hello, I know this is a very old post but I just attempted it in my 1999 ford taurus. My tape deck reader is broken I believe, only the front mechanism spins inside the reader when a tape is inserted. Tapes spit out after about 5 seconds, and while the car is trying to read the tape it plays the audio from my phone just fine. As soon as the tape spits out, it goes back to radio. In the write up you said you can switch to either CD or Tape and the aux will play. The CD reader still works as normal and plays CDs. How can I get my the aux to play when I am on the CD changer? Or can I somehow tric
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