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  1. Hey all. I have TRIED profusely to try and get an answer y searching the web for these issues. Replaced the temp sensor and the gauge sensor. No difference. Checked the orange fuses, I do not see a break on the orange fuses. Replaced the CCRM (which has the lower speed relay and upper speed relay) from the junk yard and my car was worse off so I switched it back. Supposedly an electrician said that the fans do seem to be turning on @ 105''c, so does that mean the lower speed relay is working? The car overheats, not by much, but enough to smell Radiator Fluid and see small streams coming from the cap of the reservoir. I filled it up once since I bought it a month ago and its not like its spewing all of it out as the fluid in the reservoir is slightly above the max line still. The needle hangs above mid line, between 20 and 25 MPH mark on the speedometer. The fans do eventually kick it and bring it slightly below mid point but it then goes back up. If I turn on the AC the needle on the temp gauge goes all the way down. This is because the fans are on. If I want to use this car I HAVE to constantly turn on the AC to cool the car down to way below mid point otherwise it will hover above mid point and eventually you will smell the radiator fluid. You also feel the heat coming into the cabin through the vents. I thought about replacing the low speed relay with another 12v 40m relay but I suck at soldering! The other issue, while not as serious, sort of annoying as I have to disconnect the battery every time I turn off the car for an extended time like overnight. When I turn the car off and remove the key, the car BEEPS BEEPS BEEPS continuously as if I still had the key on the ignition. Even though the keys are NOT in the ignition, I can still turn on the radio, lower or raise the windows, use the 12v port etc. This started happening 2 weeks after I bought it. Other than this the car runs GREAT. No major complaints, it has 140k on it and I recently replaced the rear suspension/struts. I am hoping you guys can help me out!
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