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  1. How could it not get better when she ran to the door yelling, Papa, I am so glad to see you.
  2. First, I am glad they are OK. I am getting older and I would definitely have been more pissed off that my driving skills or lack there of caused me to ruin my car. Then I would have got past that and realized my wife of 25 plus years was healthy and so was I and that's all that really matters. On a different note, I heard a radio advertisement within the last week that is basically a generic OnStar and can be installed on any vehicle. I am too lazy to look it up but it seemed legit. Glad they are OK. Mike
  3. I know Mark had to machine his. I have known it for years. It was all over the other forums. Just sayin...... You can do one of two things, Learn from it or let it eat you alive. He is going to be in business even if you piss and moan about it. None of us know the exact conversation but he knows they don't fit on the engine that is put in the Taurus without modifications. I knew it, Rudy knew it and several other people knew it. Now you Know it. Do you still have the parts intact? Shoot me a PM, with a price and I might buy them. I will do a tutorial about how to use precision measuring devices, and then install them and make them work. Speed Parts routinely have to be "massaged" to make them work. Not everything is "plug and play" Quite frankly , I am getting bored listening to you whine about it. Just sayin....... Mike
  4. Luke is a freaking texan. Why would you listen to him? Mike
  5. What you said has no benefit. If you are spinning the reciprocating mass, it is still dry. Just because it isn't starting doesn't mean there is any less wear or tear on the parts. Mike
  6. You confused the hell out of me. The correct thing to do if you are worried about a "dry" start is to spin the distributor which is connected to the oil pump on most cars. I have no idea if it is on an 87. That primes the pump and puts oil in all the bearings. Mike
  7. Tires are shot but the wheels are 14" I have several 15 inch tires and if a standard 1/2 pattern will fit I will pickup a couple. Thanks Mike
  8. Go buy a $30.00 solar panel trickle charger
  9. You could get 450 HP if you put one in the trunk and one in the back seat. Just sayin. Mike
  10. Everything I have ever read about his rollers says they will not work out of the box with the Vulcan in the taurus.
  11. Here I guess you could call 105 "nice" after the 42 days of 109-114. My kids are in collge It's still too damn hot to go outside and do stuff. I spent last weekend weedwhacking 1/2 of an acre because it hadn't been mowed and it had to much trash in it to mow. My taurus work is now limited to just keeping them running. It's so damn hot and my back is so jacked up that I have A leveling Kitc, BullBar, Lights, And new XD Chrome Monsters for My Tundra and they are sitting out in the shop collecting dust. Mike
  12. It's because you are a stupid texan. At one point I had silverstars in four cars. The only one that ever failed was the one my daughter crushed when she wrecked the rodeo. Mike
  13. ^ Silverstars are worth the money. Make sure you don't have any corrosion on your sockets. Did you use the 18 dollar 3M restoring kit? I did it on my cars and it made all the difference. Also, make sure the adjustment is correct. Mike
  14. Someone that can't afford a window probably doesn't have a credit card to pay for the ipass or whatever it is called in you neck of the woods. Most of these mods are by people that can't afford to fix it right and have to drive to some s**tty job. Mike
  15. Have you changed the fuel filter? Any codes/ Mike
  16. But now, all three of my Toyotas have factory fog lamps as well as a lot more standard options than any of my Taurus came with so I don't drive the Fords anymore. Mike
  17. I bought the Sable Foglamp kit on ebay a few years ago and wired it into my Taurus. It came complete with a switch that had a bracket to mount underneath the dash. It was designed to be in that certain spot. Mike
  18. Have it hauled off and get a Tundra. Mike
  19. Just about every contract written says their liability is to replace the wrong parts and that's about it. Just sayin. . I hope you get him to man up and take responsibility but that doesn't happen a lot nowadays. Mike
  20. I told your gf to tell you that. It diverts suspicion. Mike
  21. Whatever the f**k you do don't use bosch plugs and oil your K&N filter. It's like dividing by zero and the world will implode. Mike
  22. I have three taurus in my driveway. I also have three toyotas. All of the toyotas will outrun the taurus from a dead stop and two of them are four bangers. The only one that has a chance against the Rav4 or the corolla is my chestnut and only from 40 mph on. Non of them can get a jump on my baby v8 tundra either from a stop or all out and it's a 4x4 offroad. All of you show your ignorance when you bash another make of car. You all drive ******* taurus' Geez Mike
  23. That too. How are them wheels doing? A limb fell on my chestnut the other day and spider webbed the windhshield which didn't upset me too much because at 311,000 miles it was pitted pretty bad and a new one is only 185 installed. The thing that pissed me off is the big ass dent in the roofline right up to where the windshield begins. Mike
  24. I have put roller rockers on more cars than a lot of you guys have driven. I built engines for money. Plus I am a lot older than most of you and the translates to more experience in just about everything from ******* to shooting marbles. Just because you install roller rockers or different ratio rockers doesn't let you skip the installation procedures the factory says the rotating mass and the rest of the valve train is supposed to be when you adjust them. Mike
  25. If he did the rotation, that potential cause could be eliminated. Mike
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