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  1. They take a hit well but they still bend.
  2. They are rebranded. The name of them is Optilux by Hella. They look good but the mounting hardware rusted. I replaced the bolts with SS ones. I make sure I clean them and wax them so they don't rust.
  3. A couple of weeks ago, my wife and I went out in the Tundra. I knew we were going to be out late and driving home on an isolated highway late at night with no traffic so I took the covers off my lights. I ran them for maybe 10 minutes on the way home. The next morning I found this on three of the four Hella 100 watt halogen offroad lights. Long story short, I argued back and forth with Hella and basically got them to agree that it would be better to send me two new sets of lights rather than have me bad mouthing them on about six different car forums.
  4. Got the caved in fender fixed by the body shop. Had a new windshield in it. The other one had a tree limb fall on it. Put a new battery in it. A month or so ago did an oil change. Drained the tranny pan and put a new spin on filter. It should be good for another 325K Mike
  5. The red paint/glue is actually a sealant like teflon tape.
  6. If you are trying to squeeze a little more life out of the tranny, put a cooler on it. Mike
  7. I didn't know you pulled the engine. Is there a thread? Mike
  8. Got a new TRD shifter for my Tundra. Currently trying to decide on new tire/wheel combo. Booked a 250K order last month.
  9. Exactly. The boy had it parked at a friends and one of the girls there in a trailblazer with a trailer hitch backed into it. She drove off but everyone heard her do it and called her to come back. Her insurance is paying for it.
  10. Not into the whole Blue light thing. I am running Silver Stars in my taurus and my TUndra. I have 3000K yellow HID in my fogs on my Tundra. That's my son in my chestnut taurus in front of me. Mike
  11. If you are at all mechanically inclined , have basic hand tools and can get the tie rod tool on a loan program at one of the parts chains, you can have each tie rod replaced in less than 30 minutes a side. Mike
  12. If the tie rods have 170K on them, they are shot. No way around it. I have driven a Taurus since 1994. The tie rods on these vehicles don't hold up well. Get the tie rods done and have it aligned. On the codes, He is blowing smoke up your ass because he doesn't know what the code stands for. Mike
  13. If you didn't have ABS, you would have locked the tires up and lost control of the car. True story...... Mike
  14. Look on the whatever that is forums and see if they have a BHLM or black head light mod. You put the headlights in the oven to heat the glue up then seperate them, paint them, heat them up again and put them back together. Mike
  15. You can do all that with about 4 cans of black plastidip. Mike
  16. I just went through this same crap. Building a Dell was gonna cost around 1500. I bought a Toshiba with 4 gig of ram, windows 7 home premium, 360 gig hard drive at best buy for $379.00 including taxes. Doesn't have the latest processor but I don't need it. Only thing so far was getting used to the keyboard after having nothing but Dells and it only has 2 usb ports. Then I went an ordered a 64 gig ipad 2. Together they cost less than a new dell and the ipad 2 is a very powerful tool to use for my job. Mike
  17. You are partially correct. When I say Plug and Play, I mean the electrical part of it. The lights can and should be adjusted as not to blind people. The Gen IV Taurus headlight is fully adjustable both vertically and horizontally. As far as the other poster using 8000K, I would not as they are too bright and are blue. a 5000K is a totally acceptable amount of white light in my opinion when adjusted properly. I disagree that the "cheap" systems are not designed properly. You seem to have a lot of anger both toward the general public and law enforcement. Just sayin..... Mike
  18. Looks like a good deal all the way around. Did you move from downtown? Looks like you are down somewhere around Hydraulic or on the west side. Mike
  19. Paper Towels will always leave streaks. Invisible Glass and Newspaper. People b***h about RainX leaving streaks. They don't know how to use it is the reason it leaves streaks. Mike
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