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  1. Nick used to ask me questions about Taurus' all the time.


    I recently retired my 2000 Chestnut after 360K and I was trying to get the valve body swapped into my 2000 SEL for the boy and I had to ask for his help about a dozen times.


    Thanks Nick!  I remember when you didn't have your drivers license or a Taurus.

  2. I couldn't get the hood to open and the mechanism was slightly bent. The latch that bolts to the hood was seriously bent and the clip that holds the ebrake cable was broken. I grabbed all three pieces from a gen III for $8.77 and got it so the hood opens. I jumped on top of the hood and smashed it down some. Other than that, I am finished.

    I almost pissed myself because I saw a chestnut Taurus at the salvage. First one I have ever seen. I got up close to it and it had an engine fire that destroyed the hood.

    All the other body panels in great shape but the interior was trashed. Someone had already snagged the front bumper.

  3. He is fine. Other than taking that picture, I haven't even messed with it.

    He rear ended a jeep. You can see her trailer receiver in the bumper. They didn't even call the cops because he did zero damage to her jeep.

    I am just gonna beat it out so it hood will open and close and he can put oil and power steering fluid in it.

    I am basically saying to hell with it. I am finished fixing cars for my kids.

  4. I bought a set of Bilstein Struts Fronts are adjustable to 2.5"

    Differential drop kit to correct the CV Geometry.

    Hypertech Speedo/shift point recalibrator (to correct for the oversized tires)

    295/70/18 Terra Grapplers Stock tires are 275/65/18

    White Powdercoated door sill guards air dam piece for the space between the truck and the radiator

    150 LED light strip to put under the back glass so I can see back there when I open the doors.

    9 quarts of Mobil one synthetic gear oil for the differentials and transfer case.

    That's all I can think of at the moment.


  5. I have done it three or four times but wanted to refresh my memory.

    I think it was Paul Nimz (shoz123) that did the writeup on how to easily change the front struts on the 96-07 Taurus.

    I looked up a youtube video yesterday but it seemed like a couple of steps were missing.

    Did the old wiki disappear over at that other place?

    If anyone has a link to that, I would appreciate it.



  6. I used to know all this stuff but I haven't done any major work on my Taurus' in years.

    Anyway, we are giving the 99 to a family that needs a work car.

    I haven't started it in I don't know how long.

    I put it on jackstands a couple of years ago with the intention of pulling the struts and hogging out the holes so I could get it aligned.

    I had noticed that sometimes the AC would quit working and the car would have to be restarted for it to start working again.

    Anyway, I started it last weekend and there are two things.

    1. the tach and speedo do not work.

    2. the AC doesn't even kick in.

    I had pulled the oil sending unit to try on my duratec before I realized they were different sending units. I had to pull a water hose to get to it.

    So I put those back on and started the car right up.

    I gave it a cursory once over to make sure mice hadn't chewed any wires and I double checked to make sure everything was plugged in.

    Any ideas where to start?

    Luke, I am expecting you to kick in here and tell me how to fix all this crap in five minutes.



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