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  1. mwt

    I Remember When

    Nick used to ask me questions about Taurus' all the time. I recently retired my 2000 Chestnut after 360K and I was trying to get the valve body swapped into my 2000 SEL for the boy and I had to ask for his help about a dozen times. Thanks Nick! I remember when you didn't have your drivers license or a Taurus.
  2. Send me one of those wheels. The boy was driving the Chestnut Taurus a while back and didn't realize he had a flat. I don't know if he ruined the tire or not. Just want to be prepared.
  3. I couldn't get the hood to open and the mechanism was slightly bent. The latch that bolts to the hood was seriously bent and the clip that holds the ebrake cable was broken. I grabbed all three pieces from a gen III for $8.77 and got it so the hood opens. I jumped on top of the hood and smashed it down some. Other than that, I am finished. I almost pissed myself because I saw a chestnut Taurus at the salvage. First one I have ever seen. I got up close to it and it had an engine fire that destroyed the hood. All the other body panels in great shape but the interior was trashed. Someone had a
  4. He is fine. Other than taking that picture, I haven't even messed with it. He rear ended a jeep. You can see her trailer receiver in the bumper. They didn't even call the cops because he did zero damage to her jeep. I am just gonna beat it out so it hood will open and close and he can put oil and power steering fluid in it. I am basically saying to hell with it. I am finished fixing cars for my kids.
  5. The boy rear ended a jeep today. I guess it's pretty much the end of the line for this car. I loved this car. Most of you know all the stuff I did to it over the years. 340K on the clock and it still ran great.
  6. The Vulcan is an Overhead Valve not Overhead Cam
  7. I drove the chestnut Duratec around a 120mph today. I still love that car. I also made the connection on the noise suppressor fit tight. The boy had been driving it for no telling how long with ignition whine.
  8. You should have just got it as high in the air as you could and dropped the engine and transaxle as one unit. Put the good tranny on the good engine then stuck it back in. That's how it would be done if you were paying someone to do it. Mike
  9. Just go jump on the freeway. you should be good in a few minutes. That residue is gonna be there a while though.
  10. Hopefully you will get this sorted out. As far as the car, All of you guys talking about fixing it are out of your minds. You guys know he can pick up a replacement for less than what it would cost to fix that damage.
  11. The pulley exploded on my chestnut 2000. My daughter was driving it. I went straight to LKQ, pulled a pump with a good pulley and put it on. That was probably a 100K ago. Now it is foaming and slipping. Just thought I would throw that out there. The hardest part was getting the line off the back of the pump. Mike :eek:
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