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  1. I just checked the sparks on the coil and they all look strong.
  2. I have a 2000 Taurus (OHV). Description of the Problem: When the gear is in park, the car bounces up and down and the RPM fluctuates between 600-1200 and sometimes revs to 2200. When I press on the gas, the bouncing and fluctuation is not noticeable The exhaust muffler and tailpipe makes popping sounds (no smoke visible). The computer gives a P03101 and P0305 fault codes (cylinder 1 and 5 misfire). The OBD readings are attached. Maintenance history: March 2014 - Replaced the camshaft synchronizer December 2018 - Replaced spark plugs and wires (did NOT replace coil) March 2019 - Replaced water pump, radiator, and transmission fluid The car is 5000k miles overdue for an oil change. Any suggestions on where to begin?
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