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  1. picked up this a couple weeks ago... 04 GT 4.6 5speed 40th Anniversary Ed.
  2. looks good dennis!...let me know how they hold up in the winter when exposed to the salt...im considering a set for my 04 mustang gt which is my new dd (my taurus is up for sale). But yeah they are $179 for the mustang which is still somewhat high. But they are a nice alternative to painted calipers.
  3. I still have them lol ...you can make the trip lol...they are just way too big to ship haha
  4. haha yea I figure the price is reasonable...and I believe they are 16X6.5's
  5. Bump! pics are posted in the post above!
  6. the 3rd pic is the worst rim of them all. Tread is about 50% 3 usable tires 2 are Goodyear Viva's and the third is a Bridgestone Turanza Price: $225 local pick up only Edit: they are dusty just took them off the shelf in the garage to snap a few pics...they really do shine up nice! Had these on my taurus (same bolt pattern as the taurus) for about 5 months before I blew the tire while sitting in the driveway due to a break of the front coil spring
  7. its still there i just polished up by hand what i could
  8. Set of 4 with 3 usable tires im pretty sure the tires are 225/65/16 one was slashed due to a broken front coil spring. Had them on my car for about 4 months. Rims are very clean with minor curb rash and pitting....still look good after I polished them by hand with a combination of rubbing/polishing compound and wax. Looking to get $200 for the set...local pick up only. Pics in new post
  9. still working on the body work after patching in a new drivers dog leg panel....
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