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  1. picked up this a couple weeks ago... 04 GT 4.6 5speed 40th Anniversary Ed.
  2. looks good dennis!...let me know how they hold up in the winter when exposed to the salt...im considering a set for my 04 mustang gt which is my new dd (my taurus is up for sale). But yeah they are $179 for the mustang which is still somewhat high. But they are a nice alternative to painted calipers.
  3. Kyle's 03 SES

    Windstar Sport Rims

    bump! new price!
  4. Kyle's 03 SES

    Windstar Sport Rims

    I still have them lol ...you can make the trip lol...they are just way too big to ship haha
  5. Kyle's 03 SES

    Windstar Sport Rims

  6. Kyle's 03 SES

    Windstar Sport Rims

    haha yea I figure the price is reasonable...and I believe they are 16X6.5's
  7. Kyle's 03 SES

    Windstar Sport Rims

  8. Kyle's 03 SES

    Windstar Sport Rims

    Bump! pics are posted in the post above!
  9. Kyle's 03 SES

    Windstar Sport Rims

    the 3rd pic is the worst rim of them all. Tread is about 50% 3 usable tires 2 are Goodyear Viva's and the third is a Bridgestone Turanza Price: $225 local pick up only Edit: they are dusty just took them off the shelf in the garage to snap a few pics...they really do shine up nice! Had these on my taurus (same bolt pattern as the taurus) for about 5 months before I blew the tire while sitting in the driveway due to a break of the front coil spring
  10. Kyle's 03 SES

    Windstar Sport Rims

    its still there i just polished up by hand what i could
  11. Kyle's 03 SES

    Windstar Sport Rims

    Set of 4 with 3 usable tires im pretty sure the tires are 225/65/16 one was slashed due to a broken front coil spring. Had them on my car for about 4 months. Rims are very clean with minor curb rash and pitting....still look good after I polished them by hand with a combination of rubbing/polishing compound and wax. Looking to get $200 for the set...local pick up only. Pics in new post
  12. still working on the body work after patching in a new drivers dog leg panel....
  13. Kyle's 03 SES

    Opinions Of Rims On Gen4...

    i like both but the mavericks looks better