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  1. I have a 2003 Taurus. Here's the typical scenario: I drive the car on the freeway to the nearby town (6 miles) to run errands. So a few stops. I drive the car back home, and say stop at the local grocery store. Come back out 20 minutes later. The car starts, then almost immediately upon driving there is a stuttering loss of power and then the car dies after about 200 feet. Car is dead, won't turn over, wont' start, and I have to get pushed out of the road. After letting the car sit, sometimes as little as 15 minutes the car will start. This never happens on a cold start when the car has been sitting over night. It only happens after the car has been driven for a while, then has been sitting, usually around 20 to 30 minutes. Here's the real frustrating part, this has only happened 4 to 5 times over the last 5 years and I never know when it might happen again. The last two times it has happened I have taken it in to my mechanic but they cannot duplicate the problem and get it to stall. I know that's not a lot of info, but I am out of ideas and wonder if anyone else has had this problem, and how they solved it. At one point I suspected that it might somehow be connected to the cruise control, so I stopped using it, but that may just be a red herring.
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