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  1. Thanks. I'm going to have my mechanic check it out. It's probably something like that.
  2. Yes, i had the battery tested and it's in top-notch condition. Only a couple of months old. The odd behavior i see when the car won't start mimics a weak or dead battery - but minutes later it will usually start up like a brand-new car.
  3. Could it be an electronic module that has become heat-sensitive? After it sat in the shade of my yard for a while, it started on the first try. I plugged in my battery tester and it showed that the battery had a full charge and that the battery voltage was 12.8V with the engine off. So that had not been the problem, nor had the alternator. I'd had the starter replaced a few thousand miles back. The new battery has those felt anti-corrosion insulators and red conductive grease on the terminals. The cables are very tight as well.
  4. Thanks! I don't drive it every day. We use it mainly for hauling things that won't fit in the Corolla and for going fishing with a lot of gear. It had been driven 2 days earlier, though. I guess I'll need to crank it up at least every other day and drive it around the block. I do plan to have my mechanic replace the fuel filter; I've seen a partly-clogged fuel filter make a car misbehave.
  5. Vehicle is a 2002 Mergcury Sagle GS wagon with 3.0L V6 OHV engine. There are approx. 180K miles on the car. It's not my daily driver, and I've only oput 5-6K miles on it in the 2 years I've owned it. It randomly refuses to start and when this happens, it sounds like the battery is nearly dead (Engine barely turns over and after a couple of attempts, it won't turn over at all). I've replaced the starter (last year) and the battery this year. Spark plugs were changed last March. When it's running, the system voltage is 13.8-14.2 V, so I don't suspect the alternator. This happened most
  6. I need to troubleshoot a non-working rear wiper motor. The washer fluid part seems Ok but the wiper arm doesn't move. Is there a relay to check? Any tips on troubleshooting the wiring? My guess is that the motor is dead but I want to be sure before I replace the wrong part. If it IS the motor, and advice on removing and replacing it would be welcome. This is the first Ford product I've ever owned. Thanks in advance!
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