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  1. Hello Very useful information. Somebody please help me understand I decided to update my 1993 Mercury Sable GS sedan with power antenna, which never was in it. I ordered control module F3DF-19A394-AA from eBay, and antenna 1986-1991 E6DF-19A018-BC It works together, as it should, but there is small problem, when antenna goes down, motor keeps spinning more 10 seconds, then stops. When antenna goes up, it turns off just right after reach top point. So- could the problem be in motor, which seems to be from Gen 1 ? Or maybe defective control module? I disassem
  2. Hello everybody, I have decided to spread out this messege, because I need help, after long and careful screening internet resources. Mercury Sable 93 owners please give me a call. A few months ago I started renovation of my Sable GS sedan 93, and I want to make it as it was. It has no factory radio anymore, I want to find a model, which fits Sable 93, or at least fits Gen-2, there are some examples on eBay, but all information is not to understand, is that the right one or not. My car has 2 speakers in doors, and 2 on back shelf, so it means standart sound, no prem
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