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  1. All the new bodies are awesome. Chevrolet is using the new SS, Dodge is sticking with the Charger and Toyota is revealing the new Camry today.
  2. fatcatracing


    I think that may be the race folks. But that may be the Dave Blaney fan in me talking.
  3. Sounds like fun, I would love to go. But if I get a summer stock gig I won't be able too. Should know in a few weeks
  4. Aside from cars, sim racing is my biggest hobby. I hope to be out on the track for real at some point in my life. A few of my rides from NASCAR Racing 2003 Season: (logos and numbers come from various places renders were all done by the wonderful folks at Ten0r's Render Shop) Sprint Cup: Nationwide: Outlaw Super Late Model: AeroWars 1988: Still Rockin' The Taurus in the Late Model Sportsman:
  5. Street legal NASCAR cars are not a new idea: http://www.jeffreyscustomconversions.com/ I think I found it's original paint scheme:
  6. It will probably get picked up by an ARCA Racing Series team. Most of the old cup cars go that way. Lightly used chassis body appears to be mint, would be a great pick up for one of the smaller teams in that series I can think of a few in dire need of a new car.
  7. Thanks guys, I will have to take a look tomorrow. I put new pads on last summer and the rotors seemed fine then. I will take a look and see what I can find.
  8. I have got a nasty high pitched brake squeal coming from the passenger's side when I turn left when I apply the brakes it goes away. I had my front springs replaced a few days ago and it started when I got the car back. I checked the dust shields the one on the driver's side was hitting the rotor but I have pulled it back I checked again today it is not making contact with anything. The car drives fine other than the ear-peircing squeal. A Google search has me pointed toward a bad wheel bearing what do you guys think?
  9. Me too, very little has rolled off the assembly line in the last few years that I don't think is ugly. At least it is not got a bunch of that nasty chrome like the new f-150's do.
  10. Last weekend my Dad bought a 12 pack of Seven Kings beer for $6. He calls it the Family Truckster of beers "You think you hate it now wait until you drink it" I didn't think it was dreadfully awful but I have had better for sure. I'm a draft Miller Lite guy
  11. Super reliable and easier to work on as far as late models go.
  12. Lexus drivers around here. Anyone with giant dubs seems to think they have right of way at the 4-way stop for some reason
  13. When I was in Las Vegas they had 4 Daytona USA's in the arcade none of which worked. That was one of my favorites I used to play all the time. After I got tired of loosing money in the casino I went and got the fast lap on every track in Crusin USA'
  14. Some people say I'm apathetic, but I don't care because I'm constipated and don't give a s**t.
  15. You guys have had some really cool stuff 1992 Ford Taurus GL (sold) 1976 Mercury Cougar XR7 1998 Ford Taurus LX
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