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  1. I got my LTD back at the end of last month. They ended up having to break the timing cover off to remove one of the broken studs. Now I'm glad I didn't do the job myself. What I did as soon as I got it back was fix the tone generator. The foam ring that holds the diaphragm in place had disintegrated, so I replaced it with a 1 3/4" O-ring. Works like new. I suspect Gen I and maybe Gen II Tauruses use the same one.
  2. In 1990, an LTD Crown Victoria had a base MSRP around $17,200. An F-150 XLT Lariat extended cab 4x2 with the same powertrain sold for about $16,000. The XLT Lariat was usually equipped with the features you'd find on the typical midsize or large sedan of the time - power locks/windows, cloth seats, AM/FM/cassette, etc.
  3. I fixed the "MAX" A/C in the F-150 today. The plastic vacuum line going to the recirculator door was dryrotted and full of holes, so I cut it back to a little ways inside the wire loom, replaced it with a length of hose, and put some shrink tubing on the junction for good measure. It's nice to have an easy fix once in a while.
  4. Propane torch on the inside of the door skin?
  5. AC filters have been made by Champion Labs (same supplier as STP) for many years. However, since Champ introduced their cheap filter alongside the traditional one, AC-Delcos can be either type. Last time I bought one, the PF24 (standard B-O-P filter) was still the good type. I think AC set it up so that the normal filters kept the same part numbers and the cheap ones had an "E" appended to it, but I can't be certain. I'd have no qualms about running 15W-40 in that engine. I probably would've switched to at least 10W-40 a long time ago. When I went from 5W-30 to 10W-40 in my CVPI, oil cons
  6. Nice! I have Ford's "Quadrasonic Sound for Today" from 1978, in the original sleeve even. Wish I could remember where it came from.
  7. Very nice. I picked up a header panel last week for $50. A bit rough, but intact. I swapped the headlight trim and turn signal lens over the other day, I'll leave replacing the whole thing until I can have it (and, perhaps, the rest of the car) painted.
  8. I got the driver's door to open on the LTD. Unfortunately, I can't quite afford yet to bring it to the shop to get it driveable.
  9. The last Econolines weren't all that comfortable to begin with. As with everything else Ford built, the seats were too low and inadequately padded (although the Transit, being European, is probably orders of magnitude worse in that respect). I see very few Transits around here. I think there's more Nissan NVs around than there are Transits. I can't believe that thing already has 50% of the fullsize van market in this country.
  10. I retrieved the LTD from storage this morning and washed it this afternoon. I decided to just have the shop do the water pump, so once I get the driver's door to open I'll bring it in there. I worked an 11 hour day on Friday and earlier tonight I hurt my back getting a beer out of the refrigerator - I don't have the time, energy, or patience for that job right now. Unfortunately, sitting covered in salt for four months wasn't kind to the chrome. Worse, the factory shop manual doesn't cover fender removal. I've loosened every bolt and it still won't budge. I may have a line on a heade
  11. As I recall, these came from the factory with single platinums, albeit the platinum was on the center electrode on one bank and the side electrode on the other bank. I think there was some waste spark related reason for it. I remember taking at least one plug out of my 281 but I can't remember if that was to inspect it or if I actually changed them all - and if so, what plugs I used. Probably platinums because of the waste spark, but I've used copper in everything else so I can't be sure.
  12. I pronounce it S-H-O, but the last time I mentioned that a few SHO owners had a conniption fit.
  13. It'll probably be a bit easier to get the sender in place on your engine. There's so little clearance on a Windsor I could barely get the extension tightened to the proper angle. I wanted to do this on my CVPI but the power steering pump needed to come off to do it and I never got around to that.
  14. I rectified a Better Idea™ today. Now, the gauge at lukewarm idle: Was always between the O and R before.
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