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  1. I just got a 2003 Taurus SE wagon. The heat is warm at first, but cools off quickly. I had the coolant flushed & a new thermostat put in. It seems better, & will heat up again after turning the fan off. I think the heater core is ok, but the blend part of the vents is messing up the air temp. What happened with yours?
  2. My 2002 Sable wagon is such a great car, and my wife likes it so much, I went and got a 2003 Taurus wagon.  The Sable has the 3.0 DOHC.  It's got fog lights, a floor shifter, the 6 CD changer (which doesn't work), leather upholstery, auto temp, & the electric mirror.  The Taurus has the 3.0 Vulcan OHV. I actually prefer its flip style mirror with no wiring.  Then I can dim bright lights from other cars on demand.  

    So I'm changing spark plugs in the Taurus.  They look burnt to almost nothing & are probably too hot from charts.  Advanced Auto gave me plugs for the 3.0 DOHC.  Gotta get them switched.  This car gets 17 mpg.  The Sable averaged about 28 mpg on a 1600 mile trip I took a month ago. 

    So I'll be looking for ways to improve gas mileage with the Vulcan.  ERG?  I'm checking into that next. 

  3. Ok. Excellent idea. I'm still finding my way around here. Thanks.
  4. I agree about sticking to the same name, i.e. Camry. I've said so fir years, too. I do, however prefer a wagon to a higher sitting vehicle. My Sable wagon is low enough that it's not going to flip upside down in the middle of the road the way I've seen "SUVs." I don't need a ladder to get my kayaks on & off the roof / kayak racks. My wife loves driving it, too. So we found a 2nd wagon, the '03 Taurus. It's a smooth ride, the engine & transmission seem strong, but the heater isn't working correctly. I hope to fix that soon. I'd hate to see the Taurus eliminated. It was #1 from 92 - 96, wasn't it?
  5. I had the coolant flushed & changed in the 03 Taurus wagon. Vulcan 3.0 V6. It still starts out blowing warm air, but cools off in 60 seconds in heater mode. New thermostat, too. Does this sound like it needs a heater core replacement? Thanks!
  6. I had my 91 Taurus alternator rebuilt by a local repair shop years ago. They made it better than the refurbished auto parts store, didn't have a core charge, and were very reasonable on price. If you have a place that rewinds electric motors & alternators, that may be your best course. It was for me.
  7. OHV. Got it. It seems to leak a little oil. I read that it'll still run, so I will look into gaskets or something to see if it's a fairly easy fix. 🚗
  8. I never knew this forum was here. My first Taurus was a 91. It had about 194k miles & was 30 mpg on the hwy with the 3.0 V6. The transmission was rebuilt at 97k miles, but made the car drive like new again. I sold it in 2001. I found a 2002 Sable wagon with the 3.0 DOHC V6. I'm still not sure whether this is what they call the Vulcan or not. This car was $2500, but is reliable & worth $25k. I found a 2003 Taurus wagon this week. It's got the other 3.0 V6 OHC (Vulcan?). It's also got a couple of problems I want to fix. The power antenna, key fob (which I got working by cleaning out some moisture), and the heat turns cold quickly when I turn the knob to heat. I'm thinking clogged heater core. Glad to find this. Thanks for being here.
  9. I picked up a 2003 Taurus wagon, but the power antenna only works part way. I can make it go up & down the rest with help by hand. I think the mast is stopping at the 2nd smallest diameter section. Below that it won't grab. Any tips about whether it's more likely gears or mast that need replacing? Thanks! Tim.
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